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Food banks - reward card points

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EasterHoliday Thu 11-Apr-13 10:40:36

Dear MNHQ - I know from experiences in my professional world how you can get Dave to sit up and listen, so how about having a word with Messrs Tesco, Boots and Nectar?
I was reading here yesterday about food banks from the various perspectives of donors, volunteers and recipients - the AIBU about putting penguins in a food bank. I found the volunteer comments very interesting about what they actually need - toiletries / nappies etc.
Seems to me that since there appears to be a need for what should have been eradicated under Atlee, can we make it easier to donate and to donate what's required by passing over clubcard points to them? I'm sure there are thousands of us collecting Nectar / Boots points that will never amount to a ticket to Legoland but pooled collectively could really give a boost to an organisation like a food bank? of course it would be even more wondrous if the points clubs would add a further 10% of the value of donated points for example... a happy day for their respective CSR departments.
Someone will probably come along and say they do this already, but the only thing I've found is the ability to donate Tesco ClubCard points to save trees.

EasterHoliday Thu 11-Apr-13 14:58:22

I am self servingly pinging this for the afternoon crew, because they were the ones talking foodbanks yesterday

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