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Aggressive marketing of formula milk in poor regions of the world.

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banthambeach Wed 10-Apr-13 10:41:46

I am sure Mumsnet have discussed this before, but I would love to get behind a campaign against the aggressive marketing of formula milk over breast milk in poor countries resulting in unnecessary infant deaths. A specialist at the World Health Organisation who is based in Manila said that "Breastfeeding rates are falling all over the region" and blames misleading and aggressive marketing. Health workers are continually being offered incentives to promote formula milk by large well known companies. It is reported in the F.T. that in China " it found that 40 per cent of mothers surveyed had received formula samples from companies such as Dumex, part of Danone, Mead Johnson, Wyeth, Abbott and Nestlé. In Pakistan, one-fifth of healthcare workers surveyed had received branded gifts from formula companies. Poor families are encouraged to buy expensive milk formula they can't afford which is then often diluted using contaminated water.
There must be something we can do and any information about campaigns already tackling this huge problem would be great but would it be something Mumsnet would also like to take on?

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