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Rip off managing agents and lack of help for leaseholders.

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WhatIsReallyGoingOn Sat 22-Dec-12 00:56:39

Hi all

Time mum's power, soft power, peer pressure, technology, old fashioned values, etc all came together to stop rip off managing agents & leasehold valuation tribunal(lvt) holding leaseholders hostage. It's a scandalous situation. If anyone has any ideas please say. If u know someone affected by such issues please get in touch.

Private leaseholders seem to have less options available to them than council property leaseholders. Both situations are open to exploitation by people with no ethics. Look Forward to hearing from others. Also want to promote good managing agents as they do exist. Would like to change culture so people work ad a team to solve problems not create them. It's bad eggs vs good eggs.

WhatIsReallyGoingOn Sat 22-Dec-12 00:57:44

How do I delete this - just realised its in wrong place sorry

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