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just had a run in with the maternity ward bounty photographer

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StateofConfusion Fri 21-Dec-12 13:17:41

And having previously defended them and loved my pictures of my eldest children todays 'rep' has made me agree they need to be removed from wards!

She arrived originally before breakfast turned on the lights and opened curtains waking me and the other Mum up, then continued to talk over the peadiatrician who was checking my dd over.

Eventually she sulked off but apparently came back when I was asleep (how dare I?) Last time she came back as I'd just settled dd and was eating lunch which had just arrived.

I said No photos at the minute thanks she got most insistant that its for security reasons?? (I'm going home today) and said she'd just lean round and take them, dd was asleep on my lap in a v pillow whilst I ate. I said again, not right now I'm eating she left brochures and went off muttering quite loudly.

I'm hormonal so ofc this has upset me, but not as much as the first time mum across they way! WHY are these people allowed to just walk around a maternity ward being so fucking rude!

Ambi Sun 06-Jan-13 23:57:59

I've just taken FB likes to 400.

13Iggis Mon 07-Jan-13 08:50:42

Can someone tell me what to search for on fb? If I just put in Bounty I get about a million hits.
(Apologies if this is posted already)

RedToothbrush Mon 07-Jan-13 09:57:56

402 !

LillethTheCat Mon 07-Jan-13 12:52:54

Ive liked it too. Though can I make a constructive suggestion and that is to have a bit more detail in the about section. All it says is to keep bounty reps out of post natal wards, but without saying why.

13Iggis Mon 07-Jan-13 14:34:47

Thanks, Red

nappyaddict Thu 10-Jan-13 17:45:45

DontbeatmeupitsXmas are you still around?

MedicalEd Fri 11-Jan-13 15:53:35

Wonder if Bounty staff have got CRB checks, after all they are wondering around a maternity ward with a camera...

Everyone has a CRB check these days MedEd !

And IMExperience hospitals are pretty on top of that. So, I'd expect they'd have that aspect covered.

I've had loads of CRB's done for different stuff - and yes I passed them all ! - and the best most efficient one out of the lot was done by the hospital personnel bod when I volunteered as a chaplaincy ward visitor at my local hospital. So that was basically going round a ward talking with patients about how they were feeling under the cover of a local church/ the chaplaincy team wink

Anyway, none of the dozen or so since then have measured up to that one which was the first I was asked to do. She filled it all in for me IIRC and took a refreshing innocent until proved guilty approach which I've found somewhat lacking in other CRB experiences !

Anyhow, CRB or not (unlikely not IME) there's still loads wrong with Bounty reps.
No 1 being we don't want them !

RedToothbrush Fri 11-Jan-13 16:41:04

But Juggling, I'd have expected hospitals to do a formal review over whether allowing a commercial company on a ward might be exploitative.

And it seems that Western Sussex has not done this against my expectation. They don't even appear to understand what a commercial practice is.

So at this point, I'm not sure we should expect anything without checking.

That said, the Bounty rep on this thread said she did get CRB checked and it does seem to be on their job ads.

I just wouldn't want anyone to think "oh, they are CRB'd so that's OK then"

From my experience with hospitals (and as you say from what the Bounty rep on here said too) I just reckon they probably would be.

But just pointing out that of course all the other issues/ people's experiences as shared on this thread are still just as valid anyway

MedicalEd Fri 11-Jan-13 16:50:41

Thanks for CRB answer.
I would think the NHS is going to have to have a think about who it lets on its ward post-Savile.
The NHS inquiry into how his abuse was allowed to happen ect will make specific recommendations on 'child safeguarding' and 'access'.
In the Savile case it will obviously apply to paediatric wards but hope that any non-NHS people given unrestricted access to sensitive areas of the hospital would be included.

Elsqueak Fri 11-Jan-13 16:51:56

Thanks to this thread I now know Bounty are nothing to do with the NHS.

Is there no way to remove myself from their database? Sorry if this has already been explained up thread. I'm sick of their constant junk mail.

Hopefully someone will come along in a mo who can point you in the right direction for that Els

But just shows how bad it is that many, many new mothers are given the impression that Bounty is something to do with the NHS.
And really bad that no-one seems to think that this mistaken impression given to new mothers at a vulnerable time matters at all.
Like RedToothbrush says the Trusts don't seem to have any clarity of understanding about the concept of commercial practice and these being allowed to operate in their hospitals (directly to patients bed to bed hmm - raised eyebrow emoticon)

RedToothbrush Fri 11-Jan-13 17:30:36

Just to add,

Look what Western Sussex had to say about the NHS and Bounty.

13) Are Bounty Salespeople/Representatives clearly and easily
identifiable as being not part of the hospital staff at all times?

14) How do the Trust ensure that patients do not mistakenly think
that Bounty nor any of the companies they represent are in any way
affiliated to the hospital or NHS?
Bounty staff have to introduce themselves to the mothers as
staff working for Bounty.

And they seem to this it covers it?!

Whereas NHS North Lancashire who DID do a formal review said that "Endorsement by association is significant".

This is pretty much the route I think this needs to be pushed down. Forcing hospitals to do a formal review based on issues over privacy and financial abuse and exploitation. I hope, if the other responses I get, show the same problem that MN would consider supporting this and would back up stuff posted on this thread and on others.

The way hospitals are only assessing a problem as existing by the number and nature of formal complaints made to them seems to be an issue, if there is such a massive difference in whats being said here and was reported in the NCTs survey and what Bounty and the NHS are saying.

Ideally, having the NCT / MN back this up somehow would give strength to the argument.

But like I say, I'm still waiting on four more FOI, to see what they come up with before doing anything else or asking MNHQ to comment on it.

oldebaglady Fri 11-Jan-13 18:22:27

"Is there no way to remove myself from their database? Sorry if this has already been explained up thread. I'm sick of their constant junk mail"

unfortunately I've heard that when you do ask to be taken off, they take you off their own databases but don't pass your request on to companies they have already sold your details to (and you don't know who they are till you get junk from them, the party supplies company is one of them, others include home security)

so you need to specify that they confirm that they have asked all companies they have already passed details to to also take you off, not just off the bounty mail list IYKWIM

AliceWChild Fri 11-Jan-13 19:11:34

HMRC child benefit payment notes leaflet:

"if you have a baby or another child comes to live with you, ask us for a child benefit claim pack or complete a claim form online at [web address]

"if you have not had your baby yet, the Bounty pack you get from the hospital when the baby is born has a child benefit claim pack inside"


Not blurring any boundaries there...

So according to HMRC the procedure is to get the pack from sell your details to a private company. And they are just something you 'get from the hospital'. And then they use people asking for them as evidence the commercial crap is wanted.

They're all in on it! hmm

Very interesting Alice, good post - agree about the blurring the boundaries issue smile

RedToothbrush Fri 11-Jan-13 19:47:51

From the NHS Lancs Review of Bounty:

The overload of advertising information in the packs could easily mean that important and key documents (e.g. birth registration & process) which are currently included in Bounty packs amongst the leaflets, will get overlooked. DH advises that this method should not be used to distribute DH/NHS information.

And yet, what are HMRC saying?

RubberBullets Sat 12-Jan-13 10:08:56

Jimmy Savile paid hospitals to allow him access to patients. Bounty pay hospitals to allow them access to patients...

mummyplonk Sat 12-Jan-13 22:46:06

Rubberbullets, so you are comparing the most prolific child sex abuser to a company handing out baby samples? shock I completely get your point with some aspects but this is a massive storm in a teacup. I for one looked forward to getting the freebies, quite enjoyed the pregnancy updates. I unsubscribed when I got bored and that was it.

salvadory Sat 12-Jan-13 23:11:46

Well said mummyplonk. I've got nothing to do with Bounty, never took them up on their photos or subscribed to anything of theirs, however I was on a thread like this ages ago and defended them, they're not evil, they're just doing a job, it's only samples and freebies and you can say no to them if you feel like it.
I'd much rather get vexed about the state of funding of a local women's refuge than worry about whether someone got given samples of Persil that they didn't want. First world problems eh?

RedToothbrush Sun 13-Jan-13 09:39:18

So its a problem that doesn't bother you, therefore its not a problem... ok.

First world problems ?

Maybe. But many post-natal wards don't feel like they're in first world hospitals IME. Much room for improvement, including on this issue.

oldebaglady Sun 13-Jan-13 15:31:45

Bounty's treatment of bereaved parents who tried to unsubscribe isn't really what I'd qualify as a "first world problem"

firstly they don't just subsribe you to their newsletters, they sell your info to other companies like birthday party suppliers, and when you ask to unsubscribe they do not pass that on to other companies they sold you details to. A lot of people do not connect these other companies with their bounty subscription. On my birth board there were people saying what a coincidence that they all got the same party supply leaflets through the door on time for the children's birthdays! I'm told by people who are unfortunate enough to use bereavement boards that Bounty WILL NOT ensure that you get removed from companies they've sold on to and it causes a lot of distress

secondly, they are not "freebies" - it's a transaction, a transaction they are not transparent about! your wee tub of sudocreme for your very valuable details!

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