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CSA - chasing an ex for payment of child support

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Nanadee61 Tue 04-Dec-12 16:19:56

Hi folks, I am completely new to this so please bear with me:

My daughter has an ongoing claim through the CSA on payment from her ex partner for their 12 year old daughter. He doesn't pay, claims he is on less than minimum wage,(rubbish- 3 holidays to Thailand this year) the CSA are supposed to check his income, they don't, they have admitted their failings on numerous accounts , 4 tribunals and still no money. My granddaughter does not have a school uniform coat, and my daughter doesn't have the money for one. My daughter hides from people calling at the house, in case it is bailiffs, she doesn't answer her phone in case it is someone demanding money.
She has become depressed and threatened suicide. It is a horrible, horrible situation.
She has done everything she has been advised to do, and currently is awaiting a reply to her letter to her MP, Glennis Jackson.

We have read various blogs and forums on the internet and it seems that the general consensus is that the CSA are completely useless and inept. This distresses me as many, women are left in this helpless position and many fathers are just getting away with this, it is so unfair and our taxpayers are paying for this ineffectual service.

Somebody told me that Mumsnet are marvellous if they 'get behind' a campaign and have a lot of 'clout'. We feel so helpless and don't know where to turn, so any advice, help, guidance would be very gratefully received.

greenberet Mon 29-Jan-18 18:41:59

Not sure how I feel to come across this going back to 2012? Why no answer to this @MNHQ - how many women have posted this same plight and still nothing has been done - I am completely appalled

Mummsy1 Sat 22-Dec-18 22:48:58

I will join your campaign
I have been brought to court 5 times by my ex-partner. He lives in a four bedroom detached house, drives an estate car, used a solicitor and two barristers over 3 and half years of court cases. Brought me back on a technicality to be awarded more time with the children.
He has lost no house when we separated, but gained a good deposit to buy his 4 bedroom house. He contributed nothing towards my house with the children. In fact he owes me money, he doesn't pay any child maintenance, childcare and he has no job. For a while he was 'self employed'. The ex has now referred me to social services 7 times. I believe he is now trying to get the children full time so he can stay in his house, gain benefits, I pay him child maintenance etc.
It is coercive control. He doesn't want me to move on causing me stress for nearly 4 years.

Mummsy1 Sat 22-Dec-18 22:50:39

I went to see Jo Churchill MP to see what could be done with all these countless court cases and no child maintenance payment. It was a waste of time

DeMac74 Sun 12-May-19 17:52:16

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DeMac74 Sun 12-May-19 17:57:27

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