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stinimefdar Mon 22-Oct-12 02:21:21

Everywhere I see women urging other women to sign the NO to Page 3 petition.
This is a waste of time and energy as the Sun could care less about how it damages women or girls and just ignores all sane arguments to stop the pornification of its daily news rag.
What Mums Net needs to consider and its online supporters is actually Boycotting the SUN and other papers that carelessly and daily disregard respect for women.
Boycott has the effect of hitting the industry where it hurts it's a;ready dwindling circulation..if every women STOPPED buying the SUN and urge others to do the same I am sure this would soon get the attention of the Editor whose JOB it is to MAKE Money by any means available to him!

ZombTEE Mon 22-Oct-12 06:14:28

Boycotts don't work. If they did, Nestle would have been out of business ages ago.

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