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Campaign for Whooping Cough Vaccination in pregnant women.

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ValiumQueen Thu 04-Oct-12 11:15:35


ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 19:48:39

Last week the media informed mums-to-be that they needed to be vaccinated against Whooping Cough, in the hope that it would protect the babies up until the routine vaccination at 6 weeks of age. This follows an increase in Whooping Cough in recent months, and the tragic deaths of nine infants.

We were advised the vaccine would be available from Monday 1st October. Many Mumsnet members have experienced considerable difficulties in obtaining the vaccine, even though advice has now been given direct to GPs to immediately vaccinate opportunistically on maternal request. The vaccine currently being administered is the injection given to pre-schoolers, so most, if not all surgeries will already have supplies.

The vaccine can be given between 28 and 38 weeks, and requires approximately 2 weeks to transfer antibodies through the placenta. Ideally it is given around 34 weeks. The vaccine does not offer a guarantee that the baby will be protected.

This has understandably been of great concern to those due in the next month, as many surgeries are not setting up clinics until 15th October.

Some of us have successfully petitioned our GPs and have already received the injection, but we have found this both difficult and upsetting.

I am starting the thread to hopefully inform those who do not yet know about the vaccine being available now, and to encourage all mumsnetters to spread the word to ensure that as many babies are protected as possible. As far as I know there is no active outreach to mums who are late in pregnancy.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make a big noise about this, please do post here. There are other threads currently on MN discussing the vaccine.

Thank you.

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