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Ponseti Awareness Week

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lamandler Thu 04-Oct-12 22:20:32

Thank you smile

SpringierSpaniel Thu 04-Oct-12 10:36:38

Thanks for raising this.

I've just been and educated myself via the Steps website - will make a donation too.

lamandler Wed 03-Oct-12 15:16:52

DS is now 5, and 5.5 years ago we were told at 20 week scan that he had bilateral talipes - more commonly known as clubfoot in both feet. We panicked and thought it meant a lifeltime of disability. Thanks to Steps, the national charity for lower limb deformities, we found out about Ponseti treatment for clubfoot - non surgical and better outcomes. He is doing brilliantly and people are amazed when they hear his history.

Ponseti really is a fine example of parent power - Dr Ponseti practised his treatment in Iowa for 50 years before pioneering parents found out online and encouraged NHS providers here to use the treatment. That was only about 8 years ago, and availability for babies with clubfoot is still patchy. Steps is trying to raise awareness of Ponseti, and encourage parents to demand the best treatment for their babies.

Ponseti Awareness Week is next week, and you can find out more at

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