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Can we do a quickie campaign on family planning?

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Himalaya Thu 21-Jun-12 15:07:13

On July 11 there is a major global summit on family planning in London.

The aim is to get governments to work together to make sure that all women have access to family planning and healthcare which would prevent (between now and 2020)
-3 million  babies dying
-100 million  unintended pregnancies
-200,000  women and girls dying in pregnancy 

It is crucial that governments put more money into supporting family planning provision around the world, but also that do this in a way that puts women's rights first - so it is not about doctors and health departments meeting quotas but ensuring  women are empowered to decide when to have children. 

Save The Children have a petition and letter writing campaign here.

Could this be adopted/supported as a MN campaign?

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