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We Believe You: we're launching our rape awareness campaign today.

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KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-Mar-12 15:56:08

Today, we're very proud to be launching a new campaign. It's called 'We Believe You', and it's inspired by the many MNers who've asked us to speak out about the prevalence of rape and sexual assault in women's lives.

While we're at it, we're going to try to explode, once and for all, some pernicious myths about rape - about who does it, what it is, and whom it can happen to. These myths mean that many victims are denied justice: our survey confirmed that most don't report their rape or sexual assault, for fear of being disbelieved.

So the message of our campaign is in the title - we believe you. We hope MNers will get behind it, and spread that message far and wide - on Facebook, and on Twitter, using the hashtag #webelieveyou. And don't forget to let us know what you think here on this thread.

We're also giving a shout-out to Rape Crisis, the End Violence Against Women coalition, and Barnardo's - all of whom are supporting our campaign. They all work hard on sexual violence issues - either by supporting those who've experienced it, or campaigning for better prevention strategies - so do see if you can help them out.


Prolesworth Mon 12-Mar-12 08:48:22

Thank you and well done mumsnet

BOMsback Mon 12-Mar-12 08:50:42

The title is spot-on. Thank you. I think this of most problems but this is something that needs talking baout in schools so that girls and boys are growing up with the right message. Not the "how to avoid getting raped" rubbish but more the "we beleive you" stuff.

Weel done MN.

mousymouseafraidofdogs Mon 12-Mar-12 08:57:04

thank you
so sad this is needed at all, but I think it is a great campain and hope for much publicity.

Mamasunshine Mon 12-Mar-12 09:14:41

Great to see, well done!

MrsChemist Mon 12-Mar-12 09:16:58

Well done MN! thanks

dreamingbohemian Mon 12-Mar-12 09:42:46

Can I be dense and ask what the campaign actually entails?

I've seen the homepage, and obviously there is the social media element which MNers can contribute to, but is there anything else, like an ad campaign or lobbying of some sort?

I think We Believe You is great but I'm interested in how you plan to disseminate this...

Nyac Mon 12-Mar-12 09:44:52

Thank you for this Mumsnet. thanks

And thank you Lenin for the campaign strapline. It says everything that needs to be said.

Kveta Mon 12-Mar-12 09:48:12

thanks for this MN - hope you get the publicity this campaign deserves! thanks

steamedtreaclesponge Mon 12-Mar-12 09:53:40

Awesome. I am so excited about this.

jenny60 Mon 12-Mar-12 09:56:05

Brilliant and thank you to the posters in FWR who have been running this campaign unofficially for months.

GeekCool Mon 12-Mar-12 10:05:49

Another thumbs up here MNHQ! thanks

Memoo Mon 12-Mar-12 10:11:43

Thank you so much MNHQ. I think I actually love you.

SanctiMoanyArse Mon 12-Mar-12 10:19:37

Wow. What a campaign name. When I was raped age 18 I didn't bother doing anything because I thought nobody would believe me. In fact he told everyone I had let him get away with it and I was laughed at openly by people in a position to help me.

The title brought tears to me- nice ones, because I hope nobody has to go through the same thing. Time has moved on 21 years, I hope other things have too.

Well done Mumsnet, and thank you.

AnyFucker Mon 12-Mar-12 10:22:36

Sancti, that is awful shock

mypostingid Mon 12-Mar-12 10:32:37

Having going through the experience of being beaten,attacked and raped by 2 animals and having to deal with lots of different agencies just to be told that although the police put a good case together the CPS couldn't guarantee a conviction so were reluctant to take it to court as there was 2 peoples words against mine. I welcome any campaigns to raise this subject. Rape shouldnt be hidden away. The police told me less than 5% or all reported cases even make it to court!! This needs to change!

StealthPolarBear Mon 12-Mar-12 10:34:11

Do you know reading these sorts of threads on mn has horrified me, how many people have rape or abuse in their past. I honestly had no idea, am lucky enough to have no experience and I suppose I thought most people were the same apart from an unlucky minority.

JuliaScurr Mon 12-Mar-12 10:44:48

Well done! Great campaign.

Like Dreaming @ 9:42, Im wondering what the next step is

mypostingid Mon 12-Mar-12 10:46:53

I have made friends with a few people who have also been raped in my area, and we support each other. Although a small area of less than 5000 people there is 18 of us who meet/chat etc everyone of us reported it to police and not one of us managed to get a case to court!! This campaign is so needed!

metoosadly Mon 12-Mar-12 10:47:51

Just jumping on under a quick namechange to say this happened to me too. I was 19 and on a date with a guy I'd met the night before in a pub.

We went for a drive and he raped me in the back of the car.

I got in to the back of the car, I was wearing a low cut top and a push-up bra, and I'd allowed him to drive me down a dark lane next to a park at night time.

I didn't for one second imagine that anyone would believe it was rape. In fact, I thought it probably wasn't... despite the fact that it was brutal and I said "no" repeatedly. I was behaving exactly in the way I'd been brought up not to, what did I expect? (That was my thinking at the time)

I haven't told anyone about this, not even the father of my DD or my best friend.

In fact, that is not true. I told a boyfriend when I was about 21.. he broke up with me and said he couldn't look at me the same again knowing that had happened to me.

Good on you MN for bringing this in to the light.

Silverthorns Mon 12-Mar-12 10:58:54

So pleased to see this. thanks

metoosadly - so sorry that happened to you. It's not too late to report it if you want to- I've recently reported a "historical" rape and whilst it will probably go no where I feel better for having done so.

LeninGrad Mon 12-Mar-12 11:05:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NorksAreMessy Mon 12-Mar-12 11:08:01

thank you for this on behalf of my poor DD

Zhx3 Mon 12-Mar-12 11:15:05

Thank you MN.

SardineQueen Mon 12-Mar-12 11:15:38

thanks for doing this MNHQ

justalittleinsane Mon 12-Mar-12 11:21:27

While I think this is a laudable campaign - I was wondering how it ties in with other campaigns and work that has been carried out, such as the Baroness Stern Report and subsequent government response.

Her report raised significant concerns about the perpetuation of the 6% figure as perceptions around it lead to further under reporting.

Also, although this is mumsnet, and sexual violence against women is wrong, male sexual violence is also wrong.

I'd also like to see a campaign that involves challenging the ridiculous and antiquated step of referring a defendant to magistrates, simply in order for that to be referred to Crown, adding a significant length of time to a ridiculously lengthy process (average 10-12 months here), given that a plea isnt even entered in Magistrates.

We believe you is a hugely important message and anything that sends that message out to victims and to those who dont believe, can only ever be a good.

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