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EDCM Campaign against cuts to benefits paid to parents of disabled children

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KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Dec-11 10:08:28


Today Every Disabled Child Matters, with whom we worked on our Respite Care Campaign, is calling on the government to rethink its decision to cut support for up to 170,000 families who have disabled children.

The Welfare Reform Bill proposes to cut benefits paid to low income or out of work families with disabled children by 50%. This amounts to a drop of £1400 per year - although these families often face higher basic costs than others, and may also find it harder to get employment which allows them to continue caring for their children.

If you'd like to write to the PM and ask him to reconsider, EDCM have made it easy to do so via this link. And don't forget to let us know what you think here on the thread.



SuePurblybilt Wed 18-Jan-12 21:40:13

Not sure if this has been linked to?

spenditwisely Wed 18-Jan-12 18:11:06

Can I share this with you all to fill out?

It's for the government disability strategy consultation.

Dillydaydreaming Wed 18-Jan-12 08:00:27

Thank you, I've signed every petition I can find and will be writing to my MP today to register my disgust.

molepom Wed 18-Jan-12 07:56:11

I dont know Dilly, I havent looked at that yet and I'm at college all day today, tonight I will ask around to see if I can find out something.

Dillydaydreaming Wed 18-Jan-12 07:37:05

I have only just applied for Carers as I will be out of work from beginning of March. I face losing it within a year? I get DLA for my DS.

molepom Tue 17-Jan-12 23:06:48

Brilliant. Good Luck Madboys.

4madboys Tue 17-Jan-12 23:03:49

bump, will be linking this to my fb page to raise awareness and shall look up my local mp, they emailed me a while ago asking my opinions on services for children in my area so i have a direct contact, i will use that to contact them.

molepom Tue 17-Jan-12 22:00:01

I dont know when they are debating carers allowance yet or if they already have. Will find out for you all.

molepom Tue 17-Jan-12 21:59:13

smile thanks.

It's not over yet. We can still fight this and loads of other propsals that will affect us. The DWP have already sent out a form to the public asking for the opinions of the disabled and charities about the propsed PIP and assessments, it shows 13 case studies so you can get a very rough idea of what is to come.

If they want opinions on it.......I say we give it to them. Download the form, print it off, sent it to them and tell tham exactly what you think of it and dont fucking hold back. Question everything you think you are not clear on, ask for details, who's doing the assessments, what qualifications do they have, what medical background do they have, whos going to support those who can not do face to face interview for mental assessments, what is going to be int he mental assessments, what about those who can not leave the house, what tasks are there, what provisions will be taken into account, compare what is better with the original assessments than to the new ones, what's going to add more stress by the new assessment...If we have to have then we will have it on OUR terms with OUR needs kept in mind, not some stupid tick box system.

Hit them with everything you can think of. We'll drown them in paperwork, we WILL get this thing stopped.

Fuck I'm angry now.

SuePurblybilt Tue 17-Jan-12 21:36:34

The sad face was at the outcome btw, not at you coming back tomorrow grin

molepom Tue 17-Jan-12 21:33:06

That's the one.

He was made almost forced to back down on a couple of things and make clearer on a few points for the new assessments and who's doing them. That's all I can remember.

SuePurblybilt Tue 17-Jan-12 21:18:09

sad. I'm following the Guardian Liveblog but the latest I understood was that the proposal to pilot/delay PIP was the one defeated.

I don't blame you molepom

molepom Tue 17-Jan-12 20:57:55

We lost by 16 votes. Changes are going ahead but with a few concessions - can't remember what they are right now. Too upset.

Will let you know tomorrow, right now just need some entertainment.

SuePurblybilt Tue 17-Jan-12 20:48:09

Bumping it up.
Is there another thread with a summary of the action in the Lords so far?

threefeethighandrising Sun 15-Jan-12 21:04:56

bump smile

molepom Sun 15-Jan-12 10:56:44

bump to keep in active convos

molepom Sat 14-Jan-12 08:50:16


molepom Fri 13-Jan-12 16:41:42

It doesnt help that it's hidden up here in Campagins either and to start more threads on it means breaking the rules.

molepom Fri 13-Jan-12 16:39:48

I wish I never bloody posted that link on the CB re think now. The attitudes on MN and lack of support has not shown MN in a good light as far as I am concerned.

Sevenfold Fri 13-Jan-12 16:15:08

I am so pissed of with Mn and this.
why wasn't this pushed more, why doesn't it get the response that a benefit cut that only affects people on a pretty good wage gets loads of OMG how ill we cope posts.
and this we have ot beg angry

Sevenfold Fri 13-Jan-12 16:07:53

175 posts in a day about CB, yet we still have to bump this, disgusting

molepom Fri 13-Jan-12 13:59:06


Well what if I told you that DLA claims can now be cancelled without you knowing and without evidence?


Still want to ignore the petition?

molepom Fri 13-Jan-12 10:03:36

Who's going to sign it today?

molepom Thu 12-Jan-12 22:42:58

Brilliant, thank you x

rhuhama Thu 12-Jan-12 22:40:52

Sorry this one

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