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EDCM Campaign against cuts to benefits paid to parents of disabled children

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KateMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Dec-11 10:08:28


Today Every Disabled Child Matters, with whom we worked on our Respite Care Campaign, is calling on the government to rethink its decision to cut support for up to 170,000 families who have disabled children.

The Welfare Reform Bill proposes to cut benefits paid to low income or out of work families with disabled children by 50%. This amounts to a drop of £1400 per year - although these families often face higher basic costs than others, and may also find it harder to get employment which allows them to continue caring for their children.

If you'd like to write to the PM and ask him to reconsider, EDCM have made it easy to do so via this link. And don't forget to let us know what you think here on the thread.



tryitandsee Mon 12-Dec-11 17:55:13

Oh Lord. What next!. Cameron isn't content with us freezing to death because of the winter fuel bills he is now cutting the much needed benefits for disabilities ?. What planet is he on?.

CardyMow Mon 12-Dec-11 18:09:01


deepandcrispandsevenfold Mon 12-Dec-11 18:15:39

going to work isn't a option for a lot of carers and there is no childcare , I got an email today saying that due to lack of funding there will be cuts to the youth scheme that dd goes to in the holidays, that will affect working parents badly.
oh and of corse it will cost more as families will need more expensive respite.
sadly by taking CB of some and charging students(when they have a job ffs) they have set this well. people not affected dont care.

happymole Mon 12-Dec-11 18:24:04


Dillydaydreaming Mon 12-Dec-11 18:30:14

I am irritated and depressed that this thread has been running since 10.08am this morning and yet has just 28 responses. Some of us posting twice in this 28/29!

I recall far more frothing about the cut in CB for HRT payers. Good to see the "I'm alright Jack" attitude reigning supreme as usual hmm

Feeling hateful tonight - and helpless. People just couldn't give a shit about us.
I am tired, I can't cope and not one of the agencies I have contacted regarding support have bothered to write me even a letter saying "we don't have the resources currently".
And now the extra bit of money I do get to enable me to support DS is being threatened.

KateFrothers Mon 12-Dec-11 18:32:43

Dilly that really isn't true. Lots of people care. Truly. We just need to make more noise.

KateFrothers Mon 12-Dec-11 18:32:59

Let's keep this in active convos.

KateFrothers Mon 12-Dec-11 18:33:20

Can I interest anyone in a frothy chat to keep this visible?

deepandcrispandsevenfold Mon 12-Dec-11 18:33:29

Dillydaydreaming with you there,
when I think of all the bleating about CB and student fee's, I can't believe how little people care about this.
don't they realise that disability can affect them at anytime

KateFrothers Mon 12-Dec-11 18:33:35

Oh, I've signed by the way.

<flogs the horse>

deepandcrispandsevenfold Mon 12-Dec-11 18:34:00

what is a "frothy chat"

Dillydaydreaming Mon 12-Dec-11 18:38:42

Yea to the Frothers. I am following you on Twitter and FB. I just feel so impotent though. Have been sat here crying this evening through sheer tiredness which makes it more difficult to cope with DS which makes his challenges worse etc eyc.

hazeyjane Mon 12-Dec-11 18:41:53


It is appalling that cuts are being aimed at the most vulnerable in society. And those that are affected and are probably too exhausted by the constant battle that day to day life can be to complain.

hazeyjane Mon 12-Dec-11 18:43:01

sorry actually too exhausted to formulate a proper sentence there!

KateFrothers Mon 12-Dec-11 18:43:46

Frothy chat sounds rude now i read that back blush

It's where we have a little rant about all the cuts and how they are going to hurt people.

deepandcrispandsevenfold Mon 12-Dec-11 18:44:51

oh yes have seen that, hate the name so ignored it.

KateFrothers Mon 12-Dec-11 18:47:10

No, don't ignore it. We are at that shouty, ragey stage where you get spittle in the corners of our mouths. Metaphorically. Have you seen the blog?

Doobydoo Mon 12-Dec-11 18:47:55

Done it.Well done Davehmm
Spend hundreds of thousands in neo natal units keeping babies alive ...then no financial help/little support as they get older.
If my daughter had lived I would be fighting for everything.Parents must be knackered.

deepandcrispandsevenfold Mon 12-Dec-11 18:48:17

I will look but tbh I am doing the ostrich as this is so scarey, it could break my family

ouryve Mon 12-Dec-11 19:01:47

>>Extra costs for us include every time I have to get to either SN School (whya re they enver ever close to either home or each otehr?) and the fact we need an extra bedroom due to ds1's aggression and ds3's wandering and vulnerability.

We're going to have to move at some point for the same reason, Peachy. At the moment DS2 has to go to sleep in our room and stay there until DS1's asleep. He ends up pushed on the floor or sat on by his big brother, otherwise.

KateFrothers Mon 12-Dec-11 19:06:10

sad I understand seven. It is shitty.

thebestisyettocome Mon 12-Dec-11 19:11:31

It's an absolute disgrace.
David Cameron miraculously found £40m to improve the Olympic Games opening ceremony and refuses to impose fair taxes on the bankers and other rich friends. He's destroying people's lives to keep his political party happy.
I do not know how he sleeps at night.
Nick Clegg should cease being a lickspittle and force an election.

KateFrothers Mon 12-Dec-11 19:31:42

Yes Nick could do with growing some balls. I hope he's sick with worry about the loss of his conscience.

WhoWhoWhoWho Mon 12-Dec-11 20:20:49

So much for those pre-election promises eh Dave? angry

I am finding this all so scary. Am a single parent to DS, his Dad could stop paying maintenance (he only pays a pittance ATM anyway) and under the new CSA rulings it wouldn't be worth me pursuing him for it as I couldn't afford the fees and he has 'gone self employed' hmm.

I am waiting with baited breath to see if DS's DLA renewal goes through at all, and if it does what rate he will receive? Will I get it again at all? If I get lower rate how will I manage with no Carer's Allowance? Add on the changes to CTC disabled element, the workfare programmes, and the general public's negative attitude to all 'benefit scroungers' and it's a pretty scary place to be. sad

claricestar Mon 12-Dec-11 20:33:24

have signed.
words cannot descibe how much I despise what this government is doing

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