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Good Parent Awards

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Migrit Wed 17-Aug-11 08:59:39

David Miliband has suggested that the riots last week were borne out of the same 'me-first' greedy attitudes that led to politicians fiddling their expenses and bankers going all out for maximum personal profit to the great detriment of all else. In other words we have a culture that that is spawning moral bankruptcy.
We do have bizarrely considerable regard for the rich and famous (whether they have deserved this or not!) and scant regard for hard working people who succeed in bringing up right minded members of society. This does foster the wrong values in our children.

My parents were immigrants and although very bright people didn't fulfil their own potential because of the narrow opportunities that existed here at the time, but were always supportive and aspirational for my brothers and myself. Even when they became divorced, they both remained close to give us as much of a regular family environment as they possibly could in the circumstances.
We have grown up successfully, and I often wish I could nominate my Mother for the equivalent of a parental OBE to thank her for the immense sacrifice and support that she gave us, always.
There is a 'Kind Kids' Award which is in the same spirit as the Award I would like to establish. Something that will encourage.
Does this chime with anyone else?

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