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Boycott Murdoch

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Boycottmurdoch Tue 12-Jul-11 12:26:53

After the latest revelations from Murdoch's News International I think it is imperitive to boycott all of his meida.

Some shocking info here on his past practises taken from John Pilger's book Hidden Agendas:

The ethos Murdoch wanted to build in his papers was demonstrated early in his career. In 1964, his Sydney Tabloid published the diary of a fourteen year old schoolgirl under the headline, “WE HAVE SCHOOLGIRL'S ORGY DIARY”. A thirteen-year-old boy, who was identified, was expelled from the same school. Shortly afterwards, he hanged himself from his mother's clothesline. The girl was subsequently examined by a doctor from the Child Welfare Department and found to be a virgin. The “diary” was the product of a fertile adolescent imagination.

Richard Neville, an editor at a different publication, went to see the boy's family and was moved to grief, and angered by the circumstances of the boy's death. In his autobiography he wrote, “It seemed that some publishers could get away with murder.” Neville later confronted Murdoch with the consequence of his newspaper's behaviour and was told, “Everybody makes mistakes.”

Here's another bit from the same book on Murdoch's Sun newspaper's treatment of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster days after the tragedy in 1989.

[on the Sun's front page was written] 'THE TRUTH' in huge letters. Beneath it were three subsidiary headlines: 'Some fans picked pockets of victims'...'some fans urinated on the brave cops'...'some fans beat up PC giving kiss of life'.

The story described how “drunken Liverpool fans viciously attacked rescue workers as they tried to revive victims” and “police officers, fireman and ambulance crew were punched kicked and urinated upon.”

None of it was true. There was no hooliganism. People were vomiting and behaving strangely because they were being crushed and traumatised. Others died because senior police officers failed to understand that the fans inside the pen were fighting for their lives, not trying to “invade” the pitch. The “truth” was the opposite. Like much of the sun it was clearly intended to pander to prejudice.

When ITN news asked permission to film the funeral of Joan Taylor's two dead sons, she respectfully refused, asking for her family's privacy to be respected. By Sun invaded the funeral, with photographers shooting from a wall. The picture of her son's coffin on the front page of the paper that had lied about the circumstances of their deaths so deeply upset her that eight years later, she has difficulty speaking about it. “Is this what a newspaper is meant to do?” she asked

The subsequent inquiry by Lord Justice Taylor left no doubt where the blame lay. “The real cause of the Hillsborough disaster,” he said in his report, “was overcrowding...the main reason for the disaster was the failure of the police.”

Please pass this information around and post elsewhere.

Here is a link on Youtube about these incidents, please post this too.

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