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MNHQ and members - would you consider a Q&A or campaign about bullied children?

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Vallhala Sat 28-May-11 23:43:43

DD2 is 14 and currently attends a fee-paying (covered by our LA) charitable school for severely bullied children. Called Red Balloon Learner Centres (RBLC), these are the ONLY places of education and rehabilitation for children who are as a result of severe bullying unable to attend mainstream school.

Recent research funded jointly by Red Balloon Learner Centre Group, the Foyle Foundation and the Anti-Bullying Alliance has found that at least 16,000 children between 11 and 15 are out of school due to bullying. Yet, these children are not considered to have any special needs, there is no ring-fenced funding within LAs for them and support for bullied children from within local authorities very hard to obtain. Had it not been for an MNer I would never have thought that RBLC could help DD2 though I'd heard of the charity and both DD and I were absolutely on our knees with desperation.

RBLCs founder, Dr Carrie Herbert, is a dynamic, compassionate and articulate woman who is determined to change this situation. I recently wrote a statement at Carrie's request, telling of the fight DD and I had to undergo to obtain the cooperation of our LA in order that DD could begin to regain her sense of self-worth and, hopefully, return to a mainstream setting. This was in response to a long-battled for attempt on Carrie's part to get government recognition and help for bullied children and will be taken into consideration when the forthcoming Green Paper on SEN support is put forward.

Would MNHQ please consider contacting Carrie at and discussing with her the possibility of a Question and Answer session or a campaign about bullied children? And if so, would fellow MNers think this a helpful, informative issue?

I haven't run this by Carrie yet (I will do!) but am sure that she would be more than happy to explain more about the appalling lack of care for bullied children and to discuss it further with you. She's direct, remarkably on the ball and yet exceptionally approachable. I'm happy to email my statement to MNHQ, which Carrie has already seen and was happy with without feeling the need to edit and which although rather lengthy hopefully gives a detailed and accurate, if heartwrenching, explanation of not just what children suffer and how they are being ignored by the councils to which we pay our taxes but also shows how RBLC helps and how we need both support and more schools like them whether those schools are run by RBLC, county councils or other organisations.

I have nothing to gain in asking this, save for more children like DD2 being helped to recover from bullying, which for some children costs them their lives. I'm not, never have been nor never will be paid by RBLC or any other relevant organisation - I'm just the mother of a 14 year old child who, at best, would be without an education and without a future without such a school and who could have ended up, as others will do without help and support, in the local churchyard.

2ddornot2dd Sun 29-May-11 00:31:30

I had never heard of this organisation, but surely it affects almost all of us to a greater or lesser degree. I hope that you manage to get the issue highlighted.

Vallhala Wed 01-Jun-11 18:20:07

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