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Prescription Charges in England

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DameShirleyKnot Thu 12-May-11 22:36:02

I'm not sure if this a "new" campaign, or something that has been hashed over time and time again, and so...I place this here.

How can it be just and fair that we in England continue to pay £7.40 per item when Wales and Scotland (as far as I understand NI are also exempt?) have opted out of this grossly unfair tax on the sick?

We cannot any longer sit back and allow this to be the case and I urge everyone who reads this, and MNHQ to take up the case for free prescription charges in England.

£7.40 per item

This is unreasonable. You know it, I know it and the government know it. Please act and add your name to the thread below and maybe we can make a difference.

PrinceHumperdink Thu 12-May-11 22:38:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kormachameleon Thu 12-May-11 22:39:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JBellingham Tue 17-May-11 13:30:25

It is wrong, as is the Barnett formula that gives more money per head to people in Scotland Wales and NI. They should all have independance and be self financing.

Mdhal Fri 07-Oct-11 13:56:48

Totally unfair!

edam Fri 07-Oct-11 14:00:08

It's appalling and unjust. People on low incomes (but not able to get free prescriptions) often have to go without medicine because they simply can't afford it - and the number of those people is bound to grow in this recession. £7.40 may not sound a lot to your average Cabinet minister but it's per item, so someone with asthma may be paying £14.80 or even more - and that could be every month.

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