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Early Sexualisation of Children

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leonine98 Wed 26-Jan-11 23:02:43

The Joy Of Teen Sex aired last Wednesday on Channel 4 and there are 5 more in the series. It is targeted at teenagers and broadcast graphic images of lesbian sexual positions, instructions on how to make semen taste better when giving oral sex and the possibility of heightened sexual pleasure from genital piercings. Teenagers and let's face it that means 13 plus, who may have been blissfully ignorant of such topics may now have now been enlightened thanks to Channel 4. How can such adult material be broadcast to a teen audience? Can Mumsnet help?

sophis Thu 03-Mar-11 17:51:26

please join my facebook grou on this subject

Bring back the watershed! 9pm-protect children from inappropriate material.

or try copy and pasting the link!/group.php?gid=127951171932

sophis Thu 03-Mar-11 17:52:13

Ideas I sent to government-

backing David Cameron's campaigns to protect children from premature sexualisation link-

• I agree with the banning of sexualized children’s clothing-padded bra's and other inappropriate merchandise e.g. playboy pencil cases etc.

• Move lads mags up to the top shelf again in newsagents, the shop owners could just select their favourites if there’s not enough room, they shouldn’t be as low that children can easily see them or even pick them up!

• Stick to the 9pm watershed carefully on tv and even radio.

• remove porn and music channels from cable/freeview/sky, with an opt in scheme instead.

• Reduce sexualized advertising before the 9pm watershed

• Cleaner billboards with less sexualized images on them, just keep them in magazines for adults and on tv past 9pm or wherever appropriate.

• Age limits on some magazines for girls so that they read the appropriate content for their age and the same for lads mags, they should be I.d’d at the counter, you get I.d’d for knives, alcohol, cigarettes and dvd’s etc but there’s no strict rules for porn, including soft porn like zoo and nuts, or the sun newspaper.

• Make software more available so it’s easier for parents to control viewing content on internet and tv

• There is however the problem of controlling the downloading of music on the internet or videos from utube, perhaps on the back of an I.d card/learners/drivers license/passport/birth certificate etc they’d have to select the form of I.d and type in a code, even if it were a once they’ve done it once for a site they don’t need to again or something and it’s up to the people around them if they want to cheat this system-could also use a third party to check age like virgin mobile.

• No porn in public- an extension of the usual no porn at work rule, e.g. not viewing rude magazines on public transport and leaving material around etc

•Stricter rules on nudist beaches- I think better sign posting and someone patrolling the cut off line to prevent children wandering into them, like I once did!

sophis Thu 03-Mar-11 17:53:31

i also thought that program was disgusting and couldnt completely watch it, it was totally inappropriate!! and totally aimed at teens, was just wrong!

i also thought about the amount of pervs that would have been watching it, made me feel sick!

nodmod Sat 04-Jun-11 13:03:12

Hello, read the report on this today in the newspaper, totally support this stance, one quick word of advice, placing parental controls on computers at build is a great idea, however please don't forget that computers are the tip of the iceberg, most children are browsing the web on smartphones, ipods, ipads and other tablet type devices, as well as TVs. Having parental controls on these are nearly non-existanced however there is a solution.

There is an online domain name server host called Open DNS ( This solution is somewhat different to parental controls that load onto the computer, this method changes your DNS server on your broadband router to the Open DNS server where parental control can be set.

This means that any internet-enabled device that can go online and uses your broadband router has parental controls running. So as long as all your internet capable devices use your broadband wireless router, they will have parantal controls running and will filter the internet content delivered,

I have been using Open DNS for many months now with my Virgin Broadband router and it works fantastically well, no drop off in internet browsing performance and the service I use is a free service.

Feeling much better that my wireless broadband is now protected and my eldest child who uses an ipad and her phone to browse the internet is protected from seeing websites that are inappropriate

Hope this post was of benefit

Neil & Maria O'Donoghue

(BTW - We are not affiliated with Open DNS in any way, just wish to pass on a method that works for us)

jobo84 Sat 04-Jun-11 23:00:29

I can only say that i completely back the whole campaign. As a stepmother to a 12 year old girl and 11 year old boy and 3 children of my own 2 girls aged 8 and 4 and a boy aged 1 i am shocked at some of the material available to them.
Today my 8 year old tells me that in year 4 (8-9 years old) they will be doing sex education,learning about male and female anatomy and having to draw diagrams of these. I am yet to ask the school if this is true (first thing monday). They would not have to learn about this kind of stuff at their age if all this sexualized material was not so easily available. Kids know too much too young and i am shocked at what the older ones come home from school knowing about, seems to me they are getting an education but not the bits that are on the curriculum. Girls wear make up too young and feel there is a need to wear it because of what the adverts tell them, most girls at secondary school walk around like they have been tangoed.
My husband and i do not allow the children to go on facebook, or any social networking sites. We have blocked certain websites with the help of windows 7. Kids have a right to their innocence, if sex is illegal under the age of 16 why is it so readily available to them in shops, on tv, on radio, in magazines and the internet. Its not right and the government needs to change this.

mar19 Wed 08-Jun-11 09:45:48

This campaign is brilliant at last something is being done about it . It's very disturbing that i don't bring my child up, the media and advertising does. Programming them to fit a mould, what's happened to creativity? Fashion designer's, the music industry, the media etc, making million's out of the misery that all this pressure puts on a child from such an early age. They have all been allowed to get away with it. How is it normal to promote that the teenagers growing up today should experience a same sex relationship, it's almost like an exam they have to pass.

sophis Mon 13-Jun-11 19:07:00

im back for a bit of a rant-
lesbianism is fine if you are gay, but this culture actively encourages it, on the front of magazines like zoo and nuts quite often there will be straight women pretending to be gay with each other, its pathetic, just cos it turns men on. what its suggesting is that if your a lesbian you will be more attractive to men, if you engage in lesbian activities, so most women do!! most women i know, and i have even ended up snogging a few women drunk myself for these reasons. im 26 now but if it wasnt so encouraging to do so i probably wouldnt have done it, im not gay. nothing wrong with being gay or anything but yeah, its not the same for men, men are encouraged to be straight, its the total opposite.

theres just so much pressure on women, u have to wear make up, the latest fashions, labels, have sex younger, be a lesbian to attract men or at least have tried it- katy perry's song 'i kissed a girl' the whole media just encourages fake lesbians!

adverts do encourage women to wear makeup, some distrubing advertising slogans i have heard over the years- 'it's what's on the ouside that counts' remmingtons hair advert, i complained about it at the time. i hate adverts, i wish i could avoid them more easily, i used to switch teletext on when adverts came on but now i have sky its a bit harder to avoid other than switching the tv off until they are back. i would like a system that gives you the option of opting out of watching adverts, something that u can press so its goes to a screensaver and then alerts you when your program is back, i would LOVE that. i just cant stand adverts, so much sexual advertising in there and just adverts that make you feel shit about yourself and that you need to look and be a certain way. i am also shocked that they are now putting sex scenes in adverts- watch out for the gucci guilty advert!! which i have complained about. no-once cares.

anyway back to the original topic, its disgusting that the joy of teen sex was broadcast aimed at teenagers, on the one hand the country complains of having the highest rate of teenage preganancy in all of europe or whatever then actively encourages it and theres a difference between sex education and encouraging it and that program certainly encouraged it and i think channel 4 should make an appology and never broadcast anything like that again, its beyond a joke!

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