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Stop the Abolition of DLA

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Glitterknickaz Sun 16-Jan-11 13:19:28

The government are proposing to get rid of DLA in favour of PIP. full consultation here

Riven started a fantastic thread in Chat with the very pertinent point that this applies to everyone, that every one of us could be just one step from disability themselves.

There is NOTHING in the media about this. These proposals could mean poverty for the disabled and their families in this country. It could leave some in residential care completely isolated from their families and support networks through the removal of the mobility component.

My family has already been hit three times through the NHS, education and aiming high, via the cuts, if they now remove the money from our pockets we are going to be in a heat or eat situation.

Please MNHQ do something, as many are oblivious to these proposals and what they will mean, including those who themselves already claim DLA.

MissQue Sun 16-Jan-11 20:41:23

Absolutely madhair, people with mental illness, autism, epilepsy, all kinds of debilitating and life affecting conditions will suddenly find themselves without essential assistance. It's the most evil cut of all. At least students can work to pay their student loans, middle class parents can do without £20 a week etc.

poppyknot Sun 16-Jan-11 20:59:14

The lack of help from elsewhere and the need for a campaign is pointed out here

kittycat37 Sun 16-Jan-11 21:07:57

I'm really glad you started this thread,

I think the cuts for disabled people are totally horrifying and disgusting.

What on earth do they think they're doing?

It's totally inhumane to take mobility allowance away from those in care homes and really cynical too as those people are the least able to protest about it.

I'm deeply worried about what's going to happen to social care. My Dad has 5 visits a day at the moment as he's severely disabled. The uncertainty about whether these will continue is absolutely horrendous. It's causing him unhappiness and stress which are the worst catalysts for his illness.

I despise Cameron for this. He promised that as the father of a disabled son he would protect the vulnerable.

Fucking liar. My blood is boiling about the whole thing.

glovesoflove Sun 16-Jan-11 21:43:06

What can I do about it? I'll write to my MP but is there a petition or an organised campaign by a disability charity that I can give a tenner to? I think it's absolutely foul but I can't say I'm surprised - they're Tories.

Glitterknickaz Sun 16-Jan-11 22:14:13

Can people post any marches they hear of here please? Most disabled people can't march but I'll be there with bloody bells on.

snowmash Sun 16-Jan-11 22:16:14

I'm in

tallwivglasses Sun 16-Jan-11 22:48:35

Me too.

kate1956 Mon 17-Jan-11 00:23:33

there is a national day of action on 24th january
to see where stuff is happening look on the 'info' and scroll down for cities

There are also demonstrations in London and Manchester on Saturday 29th janusry to defend education and the public sector backed by students and unions 01/unite-for-education-29-jan1.pdf

Hope this helps

stLucia Mon 17-Jan-11 00:28:59

I'm in

superdragonmama Mon 17-Jan-11 00:35:15

Me too.

Am disgusted by the range of cuts being made by the tories - so many of them seem to be targetting the most vulnerable people in society: disabled people, children (CEOP to be cut), legal aid cuts, cuts to services mostly used by the poorest like libraries, etc., let alone NHS 'reforms' and cuts.

ziggyf Mon 17-Jan-11 09:57:43

I'm in too, I'm happy to march/protest too.

Off to look at the resources Riven posted about.

NessaRose Mon 17-Jan-11 10:20:52

I am in. So much for protecting the vulnerable people angry

potoroo Mon 17-Jan-11 10:28:09

I'm not in the country for the protest, but I will be writing to my MP - thanks for the links. Will watch this thread too.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Jan-11 10:44:05

Thanks for pointing this issue. We'll put some feelers out to the organisations we tend to work with on SN/disability issues and have a think.

While we've got your attention, can we ask that you post any updates about responses from PCTs on the nappies issue to this thread? If PCTs aren't following through on best practice advice it would be great to have enough ammunition to do something about it. (And of course, if some PCTs are following through, it would also be great to give them a namecheck!)



RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Jan-11 10:44:49

Pointing OUT this issue, I meant. [Monday emoticon]

findingthepath Mon 17-Jan-11 10:53:07

Fuck fuck fuck angry

My DH is disabled we have the car and the DLA currently its paying our mortage.

Without this money we will be homeless sad I have deprssion and DH works but is deteriating. We have a 2 year old and are currently living on 13k pa.

The toris have taken away child benefit [ok frozen it], now tthey want to take the DLA allowen.

How do they expect families to live? we already sleep in one bed in one room as we can't afford to move angry

So i'm in who do i kill grin

I'm willing to sign and march if you let me know when and where.

madhairday Mon 17-Jan-11 11:40:52

I'm willing to do any work needs doing - working party, writing letters, etc etc. May not have physical strength but I have Mind Power and will not be moved grin

cornslik Mon 17-Jan-11 11:46:42

woohoo look at the thread now! Well done for starting this glitterknickaz smile

Glitterknickaz Mon 17-Jan-11 12:12:14

Thanks for taking this on, RowanMN. smile
This issue desperately needs highlighting.

Cornslik, it's not mine really... I was just bringing Riven's thread to MNHQ's attention.... yes it's something I'd been working on independently but I never dreamed we'd get backing here, and I'm glad we have.

GooseFatRoasties Mon 17-Jan-11 12:33:50

you were looking for opinions from disability organisations. Here is what mind has to say:

"Mind is opposed to the 20% cut and seriously concerned about some of the proposed changes announced in this document."

check out their page on welfare reform

Also would like to thank you for taking this on board.

madmouse Mon 17-Jan-11 12:58:39

Just hopping over from Riven's thread to say I'm in.

sarah293 Mon 17-Jan-11 13:32:09

Message withdrawn

Glitterknickaz Mon 17-Jan-11 15:53:36

Would there be any way to unify ALL the relevant organisations and their followers, plus Mumsnet, plus any other interested parties into a singular campaign?

My concern is that it's all a bit too fragmented here, if there are many small groups it isn't going to have the effect as one large push with one voice...

YeButerfleogeEffete Mon 17-Jan-11 16:01:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

queenofboak Mon 17-Jan-11 16:09:32

Adding my support.

This makes me sick sad

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