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High chairs in resturants / pubs etc

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jjazz Mon 10-Jan-11 21:22:20

Is is me or have other people been disgusted at the state of highchairs in public eating places? We have been to several smart(ish) pubs / chain type resturants etc and not been impressed at the cleanliness of several highchairs. I think it says a lot about the 'behind the scenes' hygiene in an eating place if the highchair offered to your baby is mucky/sticky or just generally so old that it has become difficult to keep clean. I am certainly no clean feak- (this being baby no. 2 and all that) but i have started carrying anti bacterial wipes in my changing bag and using them on the tray and the reachable 'side bits' before use.
A mums net campaign to pursuade eateries to ensure that they offer only a clean highchair to young diners would be welcome.

whomovedmychocolate Mon 10-Jan-11 21:24:35

I remember them being so horrid I used to take my own bolster seat. Mind you excellent for building up immunity in your child!

sooz28 Mon 10-Jan-11 21:30:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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