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CHILD BENEFIT - did you decide to do a MN campaign?

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LilyBolero Fri 12-Nov-10 09:44:00

Just wondered where the thinking had got to on this? I saw that you were considering a tuition fees campaign - tbh I think the students are fairly well set up to campaign on that, with NUS very active, but there isn't really anyone now standing up for the unfair cuts to child benefit.

Perhaps MN could do a combined 'taxing the children' campaign, focussing on the unfair child benefit cuts, plus the cuts to welfare that will affect children unfairly.

Still happy to help out as someone who will lose 10% of household income through CB cuts (remembering that households on twice our income retain their CB - still bitter!).

LilyBolero Sun 14-Nov-10 09:49:00

BUMP - please don't let Child Benefit fall off the agenda, it will affect a LOT of women and children! And is demonstrably unfair.

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