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Let boys have clothes!!!!!!!!

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slushy Thu 29-Jul-10 09:31:31

Okay ladies I have started a mumsnet campaign a lot of ladies complain about the inequality of children's clothes. You know the fact that you go in ASDA to see 10 lines of girls clothes one line of boys clothes. Because boys don't really need clothes.

I personally would also like to see some trousers other than jeans. Post your idea and complains ladies, and perhaps if we get enough support Mumsnet will help out.

MoreBeta Wed 18-Apr-12 06:23:59

I'm in too. Its depressing how drab boys clothes are.

Zara are one of the few reasonably priced shops that do make an effort.

We buy in the more expensive shops online but only in sales. Here there seems to be a slightly broader range of colurs but really all retailers need to make more effort.

seeker Wed 18-Apr-12 06:16:17

It gets a bit better when they are older. Still a wider choice for girls, but H and M and Zara have some fantastic boys stuff.

wishiwasonholiday Wed 18-Apr-12 06:13:33

I agree too I went to asda the other day (a big one) and there were about 5 aisles for girls and 2 mini ones for boys. I've found the shop with better choice to be h&m.

CheerfulYank Wed 18-Apr-12 05:09:04

I don't have too much of a problem with it but maybe it's different in America? DS looks lovely in orange and has a lot of it. Do you have a Gymboree in the UK?

Alltheseboys Wed 18-Apr-12 04:34:56

I used to be able to get loads in primark & new look had some nice stuff but it's like boys don't exist anymore. I find it very hard getting affordable clothes for mg boyssad

RubyrooUK Tue 27-Mar-12 21:48:14

I meant Smafolk online. Quite agree with all the previous comments moaning about Next's obsession with skulls too!

Sirzy Tue 27-Mar-12 21:46:53

I said exactly the same as the OP about asda last week, they may aswell not bother selling boys clothes anymore.

All I want is nice trousers that aren't jeans but apparently that is a lot to ask.

RubyrooUK Tue 27-Mar-12 21:43:35

Totally agree. I struggle to find non-slogan, attractive clothes for my son (19mo) on the high street. I usually go to H&M, Polarn o Pyret and occasionally Next. I buy Snafolk stuff online, as it does quite imaginative stuff for boys.

But generally I find it all very disappointing and annoying to have one rail of limited outfits for boys beside rails of pink for girls.

Keles Tue 27-Mar-12 20:43:12

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

MaMattoo Tue 27-Mar-12 00:52:23

You have my support!! Whole hearted support!!! I weep at the openness of the gender divide in this country. Girls to look pretty and have a thousand types of shoes and accessories which boys can only have two. I shall not even venture into the whole pink /floral /princess vs Thomas/bob: monster stereotypes.
It is unfair on boys. It's unhealthy in the long run I am sure. And I hate to 'have to' subscribe to this. It's mean and backward in its approach and this should be picked up by MN. If nothing else we should start our own brand of clothing for boys. What say?

Keles Tue 27-Mar-12 00:28:17

I have read everyones comments and I too have had such a hard time finding clothing for my lil DS so much so that I have decided to take matters into my own hands and design my own clothes!! I am happy to help other mums too, so contact me if you do. Its time to make a change! And if the stores will not do anything about it, I'm gonna make the change myself! Who is with me?

BahrainB Wed 21-Mar-12 16:54:01

I don't mind spending a bit more on quality things to pass on as have two boys . What disappoints me is that even the middle England brands like Boden , Joules and White Company have very limited boys lines and recently have resorted to dinosaur, skateboarders and shite on shirts . I do find things in Zara , H& M and gap but my best buys are French or USA stuff from car boots or eBay .

JM70 Fri 09-Dec-11 20:15:33

I completely support this too! We need more and better variety of clothes for boys, more colours, less sludge, and less of the skulls, camouflage etc.

It would be good to see shops revisit sizing as well. My DS is a little big for his age but not massively so. He is seven, but wears age 10 clothes. His shoe size is 3, and it is VERY difficult to get age appropriate shoes - Clarks deem this size to be for teenagers! The options seem to be school shoes and trainers and not much in between.

It would be great to have some kind of website with links to alternative places to shop for boys - it would make it all easier for us to vote with our feet.

jimmychoos04 Sat 12-Nov-11 13:31:58

Have a look at if u are looking for nice boys clothing great prices and fabulous colours from birth right up to age 10. They also have free postage.

barnesmumm Thu 12-May-11 11:24:09

It's not just clothes it's shoes too. I have searched high and low for a pair of traditional sandals for my son finally getting a pair at Russell and Bromley in Richmond that were left unsold from last year. Why is it so difficult to find a pair of proper sandals for boys. Schools rightly do not accept pupils in open toe sandals for health and safety reasons and I think that the old fashioned shoe is considerably better for the developing foot. Start rite still produce a proper closed in sandal for girls so why can they not produce a unisex model? John Lewis the bed rock of all traditional children's wear do not stock anything either. I have written to Start rite and am awaiting their response. Am I being unreasonable or simply just an old stick in the mud. All my other boys wore traditional sandals and have lovely feet and they all had traditional overcoats and never had a day off school sick.

casbie Mon 21-Feb-11 22:46:07

totally agree... son wants cordoroy trousers, can i bl**dy find a pair? no.

son wants a hiwaiaan t'shirt (had the same red hiwaiaan shirt, in different sizes since he's been 3) can i find one? no.

i am sick to death of branded (read expensive brands) being the only quality clothes on the market.

with girls stuff, i'm already sounding like an old lady; "i can make that with better quality materials AND cheaper"

i'm now dragging my children around fabric shops instead of clothes shops!! i'm thinking that i'm going to have to re-learn how to make trousers and i really hate making trousers...

nappyaddict Wed 16-Feb-11 00:52:44

Fab trousers here

nappyaddict Tue 15-Feb-11 14:25:16

Yes I agree. Does anyone else think stripes are boring?

I like spots, swirls, stripes, diamonds, squares, stars etc.

Sequins Mon 14-Feb-11 21:17:59

Ooh yes please to more boy's clothes. Boden team please take note (arf)

DS is 4 and we would like more:

- trousers with longer legs and thinner waists
- red trousers
- brighter blue trousers
- forest green trousers
- moleskin, chino and babycord fabric
- braces (DS' choice rather than mine but he does find those inside buttons itchy)
- washable woollen jumpers
- washable woollen zip-up cardigans, ideally with a hood
- long-sleeved T-shirts of good quality thick-ish cotton
- knee length socks

We would like less clothes with:
- slogans
- thin material
- skull and crossbones
- army motifs
- rugby shirts

Personally I am also getting a little bit bored with horizontal stripes. What's wrong with a plain round neck jumper?

kitbit Mon 14-Feb-11 21:06:46

Next is the worst. Either skulls or overpriced Disney-esque character shirts in gaudy cheap looking colours. Or cringeworthy slogans. Or little lord fauntleroy shirts and waistcoats ensembles in very cheap badly made fabric. Rubbish.

Eglu Mon 14-Feb-11 20:39:43

TaperJeanGirl Your DS is still quite young. THe older they get the more difficult it is

TaperJeanGirl Mon 14-Feb-11 17:47:27

I dont have any trouble buying clothes for ds 19 months, only prob is it costs more to dress a boy in non skull/camo/car/football clothes, I go for basic plain tops and jeans/trousers from h&m then a more expensive top/jacket/shoes from No Added Sugar/Joules/Molo/basically anything from nordic kids website, litte asos is great too, I also have 2 girls and find it much easier to buy nice clothes for them without spending as much....most of their stuff is from next/gap/ h&m and sainsburys sometimes do some nice bits for girls too, rarely for boys...

Eglu Mon 14-Feb-11 17:27:02

Someone earlier in the thread said why does the coat need to be yellow?

Well it is safer for my DS to be in a brightly coloured coat so he can be easily seen, rather than some black or grey thing.

nappyaddict Mon 14-Feb-11 16:35:30

Got a thread here if anyone is interested in answering it.

Fed up with the choice of monster/bug/dinosaur clothes in skinny colours esp as the girls section is so much bigger. Bring on the campaign!

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