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Let boys have clothes!!!!!!!!

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slushy Thu 29-Jul-10 09:31:31

Okay ladies I have started a mumsnet campaign a lot of ladies complain about the inequality of children's clothes. You know the fact that you go in ASDA to see 10 lines of girls clothes one line of boys clothes. Because boys don't really need clothes.

I personally would also like to see some trousers other than jeans. Post your idea and complains ladies, and perhaps if we get enough support Mumsnet will help out.

NestaFiesta Thu 29-Jul-10 10:07:37

I agree! Its so unfair. I am sick of seeing DS1 in the same outfits as all his friends because that's all that's in the shops, whereas the girls always look different and never have the same outfit on as each other.

One of the worst offenders is Monsoon Kids. Why don't they just be hoenst and call it Monsoon Girls as that's all there seems to be in there apart from one range for boys.

Also- boys clothes don't have to be blue. Its high time we made our voice heard so I support this 100%!

AmazingBouncingFerret Thu 29-Jul-10 10:12:12

Monsoon is the worst for this. The boys section may aswell not be there!

I went into ASDA a few months ago to buy some swimming trunks for DS. He had left his at my sisters house which is about a 3/4 of an hours drive away. No word of a lie there was a choice of 9 little swimming costumes and bikinis for girls and nothing for boys, zero. Zilch. Nada. I even asked just incase I was being ditzy and was staring right at them without seeing them IYGWIM. But no they didnt have any in stock. Was told to try a bigger ASDA store.

Wilts Thu 29-Jul-10 10:13:51

I don't want my boys in camouflage trousers/tops/shorts- it is grim.

I would like to see some colour in the boys section, not just blues and reds.

Hmm I will ponder over this some more at is also a bugbear of mine.

abirdinthehand Thu 29-Jul-10 10:16:00

I SO AGREE!! I have 2 boys, and it just moves straight from baby blue with tigger on it (yuk) to darker blue with 'Little monster' or similar on it (yuk yuk). And I know it's fashionable, but what's with the desire to splash a)TV characters or b)skull and crossbones designs all over boys clothes? When girls get funky retro flower prints?

Somone PLEASE have a word with the buyers at the main highstreet stores - we mums of boys have as much buying power as ther girls mums y'know...

Narketta Thu 29-Jul-10 10:19:34

I'm always disappointed when looking for clothes for DS. It seems unless you want to dress your boy in camouflage or skull and cross bone design there is absolutely no choice.

I never realised just how dire boys choice or should I say lack of choice was until I had DD when I shop for her I am literally spoilt for choice.

slushy Thu 29-Jul-10 10:25:49

That is my big bugbear when I go shopping for clothes for both ds and dd I come out with loads for dd and 2 t-shirts for ds and he looks so dejected.

misspollysdolly Thu 29-Jul-10 10:40:03

I'm in!! MPDbiscuit

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Thu 29-Jul-10 10:43:58

I agree its a bloomin pain shopping for DS, a tall 5yo - he still adores thomas but they only go up to a 4-5 which is too small

we detest ben 10,and skulls, and he's not into football, so there is very limited choice

its nearly as bad as shopping for my 10yo DD without buying mini-hooker clothes

haggisaggis Thu 29-Jul-10 10:44:45

See I disagree completely - but maybe it's because mine are older (dd 7 and ds 10)
Asda may have 2 rails of clothes for girls over age 5 and only one for boys - but the girls stuff for that age group is so trashy I ended up buying about only 2 t shirts there for dd. For ds on the other hand I bought about 12 t shirts nad several pairs of shorts. The T shirts were in a variety of colours (including bright plain ones) and the slogan ones were all relatively tasteful and again nice and bright. It's the same in other shops. I agree though that when they were under 5 the choice for girls was a lot better than for boys.

BirdyBedtime Thu 29-Jul-10 10:46:30

Totally agree with this - well done for starting a campaign. Having spent years trying to choose from the vast selection for DD (albeight that most of it is pink!) I am now facing difficulties buying from supermarkets or the high street for DS. I don't think he is a monster/monkey/horror etc and I really don't like the skull and crossbones thing (ASDA very guilty of this) or camouflage. Also agree on the colour issue - how about some nice bright oranges, greens etc rather than brown and navy. There is a lot more available online (mostly European brands) but these can often be much more expensive so out of reach for a lot of people. Vertabaudet is usually quite good but I notice that a lot of their tops are slogan-y (their theme seems to be aliens) this season too.

C'mon high street - people have been going on about this for years so surely someone must be listening ........ I guarantee that the store that introduces a range of nice bright clothes without horrible slogans/pictures etc will be onto a winner.

sockmonkey Thu 29-Jul-10 10:49:39

Oh yes!! you have my vote.
I have 2 boys 1 girl, and the difference in provission (sp?) is staggering.

slushy Thu 29-Jul-10 10:53:17

haggisaggis My ds is 4 and dd is 1. But I hate going shopping for my sister age 9 when she is stood there asking for hot pants, which I downright refuse to buy for her, But I usually find some things for her even if I mix and match clothes put long sleeved t-shirt under add leggings to a short dress e.t.c. But of course that is when I am buying one or two things not a entire wardrobe.

But I thought the "let girls be girls campaign" was doing really well fighting this issue, so thought maybe we could fight the other issue too.

pirateparty Thu 29-Jul-10 10:54:59

100% agreement here. Have complained to Monsoon before about this - really one of the worst offenders. I really dislike all the camouflage, TV characters and skulls too.

Cicatrice Thu 29-Jul-10 10:55:27

me too.

and stop putting skcull and crossbones on stuff. He is not an outlaw, he is 3!

CornishKK Thu 29-Jul-10 11:00:58

I'm in too.

Little choice and all in blue, grey or brown - and always next to 14 aisles of pink shite for the girls grin

The camouflage stuff drives me insane, he's 1 year old why would I want to dress him up like a soldier?

Tillyscoutsmum Thu 29-Jul-10 11:02:59

DS is only 7 months but he is big (just going in to 12-18 month clothes). He is still a baby though and I think he is too young for jeans and t-shirts but probably a bit too old to be wearing sleepsuits all the time.

He's rolling/crawling around, so trousers and tops ride up all the time and look uncomfortable. I want dungarees (not necessarily denim) with vests underneath. Bright colours, soft but hard wearing fabrics and not loads of pictures of dogs/monsters etc.

IMoveTheStars Thu 29-Jul-10 11:08:03

Completely agree. I've noticed some places actually reducing their lines of boys clothes to make more room for the girls stuff hmm (sainsbury's, I'm talking about you!)

Just more colourful, interesting clothes please! They don't have to have picture of a monkey, or a tractor, or an effing dinosaur either.

tanmu82 Thu 29-Jul-10 11:09:22

my vote too - and I totally agree about Monsoon! The one near me doesn't do boys clothes at all, and the selection online is paltry. If I want anything that isn't covered in rubbish logos/skulls & crossbones/charaters then I have to shop online on pricey boutique sites.... Girls stuff isn't great (mostly trashy), but at least I can get the basics in pretty much every high street store out there. Oh, and the debenhams and M&S near me do very few boys clothes too. annoying because I always end up buying stuff for DD and DS gets left out or gets very little sad

5DollarShake Thu 29-Jul-10 11:12:07

I find H&M good for boys' clothes - not all blue and brown, lots of different colours, and a pretty good range. The quality isn't amazing, admittedly, but they grow out of things so quickly at this age anyway.

DD1 is due any day now, and while the selection might be much better for girls, so much of it is candy-floss pink!!!!

slushy Thu 29-Jul-10 11:15:44

5Dollar I just went to Asda and got loads of red, blue, pink, purple and mint or lemon outfits for dd 12months try there.

domesticsluttery Thu 29-Jul-10 11:17:02

I'm with haggisaggis.

Again, my boys are older (6 and nearly 8) but I have no problem with buying boys clothes.

We don't really do slogans etc. They tend to wear plain t-shirts a lot of the time in bright colours, M&S are good for these. They've got a couple of check shirts each, I think they came from M&Co. They have Regatta fleeces in many, many colours and lots of pairs of basic jeans and long shorts, usually from Next. They also have a few polo shirts and rugby shirts from Joules etc.

Girls clothes shopping however I HATE. DD is 4 and everything is either cringeworthy eg "I'm Daddy's little princess" or like a minature WAG.

niminypiminy Thu 29-Jul-10 11:25:13

I'm in on this. No to camougflage, slogans, khaki, grey and blue -- what's there left? Have found John Lewis quite good for t shirts but the prices are high.

It's not that I want them to be little fashion models, I just don't want them to look like little soldiers, or to have to buy into the whole 'I'm a boy so I must like cars/dinosaurs/football (my boys interested in none of those)' thing, or awful slogans.

What happened to colour? Did someone abolish the rainbow while I wasn't looking?

shinybootsofleather Thu 29-Jul-10 11:28:36

Agree completely. Oooh, I do like skull and crossbones stuff though (old goth alert!)

WizardMum Thu 29-Jul-10 11:35:48

I actually quite like khaki/camo/skull and cross bones etc, so would not like to suggest they get rid of those items - but TOTALLY AGREE there should be more choice.

Surely this is a no-brainer for retailers?; they must know (or if not, can now see from this thread) that there is a clear gap in the market.

Maybe we should get Mary Portas on the case....

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