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OMG how good was blogfest

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lauramcdora Sat 10-Nov-12 18:48:16

So super excited and feeling gushy and wanted to thank all at MumsNet for making Blogfest happen. The speakers were top notch. The workshops super informative, I feel like I learnt so much. Had loads of great chats, made ace connections and the Goody Bag!!!!!!!!! The frikkin' goody bag, I just couldn't believe my eyes, Lush body products, my favourite flavour green and blacks, the cute-ist london print umbrella from Boden - the box it came in is just a lovely as the brolly!!! but when I pulled out a whole copy of Catlin Morans Moranthology my face! exactly the same as hers on the back cover.

It was brilliant MN you really pulled it off, thank you so much.

edam Sat 10-Nov-12 22:06:02

Seconded - it was a really fantastic day. So many squeeee moments. Too many to mention but serious stuff aside, the gorgeous Tim Dowling looking far more handsome than his byline pic AND saying he writes with his wife in mind as his reader. <aw> Liz Jones admitting that as a result of doing confessional columns about relationships she can't actually have a relationship (and being just as thin and tiny and wearing v. high heels just as I'd imagined she might). But most of all Caitlin Moran <squee> who has even more funny and fab and lovely than it was possible to expect. Even when fellating the microphone. grin
Thanks MNHQ - must have been incredibly hard work but it was a huge success.

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