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Ancient Rome with Mary Beard

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Pantah630 Wed 27-Jun-12 09:43:29

My boys have bought me this course for my birthday, am very excited. Is anyone else going?

JennyJuno Tue 03-Jul-12 12:05:26

Yes, I am. I'm very excited. I'm flying in from Switzerland for it!

PatrickMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Jul-12 08:14:37

We are delighted you are both going to be attending our forthcoming course on Roman History. Emily (Pillinger) and Mary (Beard) are a first-rate line-up and we look forward to an informative and exciting weekend on all things Rome. We are offering a companion course on Ancient Greece in September which Emily is running alongside Tim Whitmarsh and Charlotte Higgins which might also be of interest?

JennyJuno Thu 05-Jul-12 07:05:14

Ah, already busy that weekend, but I would have loved to if I'd been free.

When I say 'busy', I'm going to a Nickelback concert in Zurich. You may all mock me now smile

Bossybritches22 Thu 05-Jul-12 10:48:56

Is there a minimum age Patrick? My 17 yr old DD would love to attend as she's hoping to do Classics & adores MB.

Are there any places left?

PatrickMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 05-Jul-12 15:19:01


Is there a minimum age Patrick? My 17 yr old DD would love to attend as she's hoping to do Classics & adores MB.

Are there any places left?

Well, in theory, it is 18. How old will she be when the course takes place in October?

Bossybritches22 Fri 06-Jul-12 20:11:47

17yrs 9 months-but is hoping to study Classics with MB at Cambridge so it would be really interesting for her & give her something to talk about at interview.

She is a very mature 17 yr old & very quiet won't disrupt anything (she told me to say that!! )

I appreciate you have to have a cut offpoint.

HelloShitty Mon 09-Jul-12 07:44:22

I'm going too. It will be my first weekend away on my own since DS was born and I CAN'T WAIT grin

Pantah630 Tue 10-Jul-12 20:49:48

Nickelback and Ancient Rome, you lucky thing. It's been years since I've been to any lectures, I'm wondering if I get to buy new stationery for note taking smile

ClaireFromWork Fri 13-Jul-12 11:37:16

I'm going too! smile

Bossybritches22 Tue 17-Jul-12 17:27:54

Can anyone tell me the discount code please ?

Ambrosius Tue 17-Jul-12 17:30:50

Are there any free tickets? Competitions or anything? <hopeful>

JennyJuno Mon 27-Aug-12 14:21:18

Anyone know where it's being held yet? I really need to book a hotel and would like to be near the venue.

HelloShitty Wed 29-Aug-12 08:35:31

I'm waiting on venue news too as need to arrange where to stay...

JennyJuno Tue 04-Sep-12 08:06:31

Who do we contact about this? I'm beginning to get annoyed!

Snoozypants Wed 12-Sep-12 19:44:10

I'm going too!!! Do we know venue details yet??

Bossybritches22 Wed 12-Sep-12 19:50:09

Yes we need to know too want to get cheap rail tickets!

MNHQ???? Shall I report myself? grin or mention a forbidden word that sets off the klaxon?

Snoozypants Wed 12-Sep-12 22:06:23

Are we gonna wear a pink carnation each or something so we know who each other is? Yes Bossy light the blue touch paper-MNHQ what the feck is going on?! confused

HelloShitty Fri 14-Sep-12 13:04:06

Hopefully everyone has got the venue info now. I PMd Patrick on Tues as I was starting to get a little worried and yay, nice and close to Euston grin. Really looking forward to this now and wondering whether to book a really naice hotel as it will be my first time away on my own for bladdy years. Definitely need a nice new notebook too...

PatrickMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Sep-12 14:47:30

Hi everyone, hopefully you received my email yesterday about the venue for our forthcoming Roman History course. This is now confirmed and will take place at:

Faber and Faber, 74-77 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DA

Looking forward to seeing you in a month.


Snoozypants Sun 16-Sep-12 23:54:44

Errr I've double checked and I don't seem to have this email, erk! What time does it start?? Or can someone forward the email onto me please?

Snoozypants Mon 17-Sep-12 12:51:40

Thanks for forwarding Shitty! Oooh, I'm excited now!!!

BettySuarez Wed 03-Oct-12 07:26:46

I'm going too!

I get to meet Mary Beard and mumsnetters and have two grown-up days all to myself grin

Will there be food? Refreshments? Or do we bring our own?

Anyone staying in London overnight?

I am beyond excitement at the thought of HOMEWORK too!!!!!

SheelaNeGig Wed 03-Oct-12 07:35:52


ClungebobSparepants Wed 03-Oct-12 07:46:05

Me too! Also very excited at all the above. Regarding food, I'm staying on my own in a hotel, so am very much hoping to go out for dinner with some Mumsnetters...

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