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Twins, with different birthdays, do you know any?

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PattieOfurniture Wed 14-Aug-13 20:33:02

I know lots of twins with the same birthday.
I think it would be great if they had separate birthdays, born before and after midnight.
Do you know any? wonder how rare it is?

GuffSmuggler Wed 14-Aug-13 20:38:38

Yes I do. The mum actually thinks it's a pain and does a joint birthday anyway. They are only 2 though so I guess they will appreciate it more when they grow up.

ZenGardener Wed 14-Aug-13 20:39:47

I almost had this. I was having an induction and the doctor started panicking as there was a high probability of them having different birthdays but we continued on and DS1 was eventually born at 12:25am and DS2 at 12:45am.

I'm glad now because I think DS2 would hate having to wait an extra day for his birthday. They enjoy celebrating together.

GuffSmuggler Wed 14-Aug-13 20:41:13

Why would the doctor panic about them having different birthdays? confused

Bowlersarm Wed 14-Aug-13 20:41:25

There must be some mustn't there OP?

I hadn't thought if that before, but find it fascinating that siblings born within twelve months of each other could be in the same school year but not twins. There must be quite a few if those I would have thought.

Also if your hypothetical twins were born just before midnight on 31st August and the second one ten minutes later, on 1st September, they would be different school years?

I assume they would be put in the same school year.

PattieOfurniture Wed 14-Aug-13 20:42:09

I would still do a joint party. But I think it would be better and they'd get treated more like individuals with separate birthdays.

PattieOfurniture Wed 14-Aug-13 20:43:25

That's interesting bowlersarm, I wonder if that has ever happened?

mrsyattering Wed 14-Aug-13 20:44:10

my dad and his brother it was 65 years ago although birth cert says 30 Nov for both??? dont know how they got away with that? They always have celebrated together

TallulahBetty Wed 14-Aug-13 20:45:17

I know siblings that aren't twins but born within 11 months of each other so in the same school year. I think the traditional name was Irish twins? confused

AtYourCervix Wed 14-Aug-13 20:47:04

I have uncles with 2 days between their birthdays.

Poor granny.

GuffSmuggler Wed 14-Aug-13 20:48:17

Yes I've heard the phrase Irish twins for siblings under a year apart.

I knew 2 sisters EXACTLY a year apart so had the same birthday but one a year older, how mad is that?!

PattieOfurniture Wed 14-Aug-13 20:49:03

2 days! Wow!
Yes your poor gran sad

PattieOfurniture Wed 14-Aug-13 20:49:54

Two of my brothers, not twins have the same birthday

NachoAddict Wed 14-Aug-13 20:52:55

That must have been some labour to be two days apart.

I think I read somewhere about twins where one came early but thwy managed to keep the other in so they were born weeks if not months apart.

SoulTrain Wed 14-Aug-13 20:55:52

I went out with a bloke once who had two daughters that were in the same school year but not twins. One born in the September one the following August.


WhoNickedMyName Wed 14-Aug-13 20:56:12

I know of someone whose second twin was born at 3 minutes past midnight. The doctor and midwives agreed that the clock in the room was 4 minutes fast wink.

Hassled Wed 14-Aug-13 20:56:56

My oldest two, not twins, have birthdays a day apart, one of which is also the birthday of their father. It's a busy time of year grin.

ivykaty44 Wed 14-Aug-13 20:57:16

Nachoaddict - I have heard similar but it was in the winter and one in december and one in jan the following year

AtYourCervix Wed 14-Aug-13 20:58:20

I think labour just stopped, then started again. I'd love to know details though. Like, did the first cord just dangle for 48 hours or did she deliver the first placenta before the sceond baby.

Honkyponk Wed 14-Aug-13 20:59:38

There was a documentary on channel four a while back, featuring a woman who had twins and then triplets straight after, and they are all I'm the same school year! The most crazy thing was she didn't know she was pregnant with the triplets until she went into labour. The mind boggles!

custardismyhamster Wed 14-Aug-13 21:01:06

My dad and my auntie have the same birthday, 3 years between them

Gruntfuttocks Wed 14-Aug-13 21:02:17

Wow, I have Irish twins then - never heard it called that before! We have 'funny fortnight' every year when they are the same age.

BikeRunSki Wed 14-Aug-13 21:02:44

I went to uni with girl twins whose birthdays were 30 Nov and 1 Dec, they were born 20 mins apart.

Also, the eldest and youngest people in my year at school were sisters, Sept and Aug birthdays.

OliviaIsOffTheGinMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Aug-13 21:02:54

The founders of my school were sisters with the same birthday 2 years apart.
and a friend's DH is a twin who was born 5 hours later and IN A DIFFERENT hospital (but think on the same day)

chickensaladagain Wed 14-Aug-13 21:03:24

Dd's teacher is an identical twin with a different birthday to her birthday

Not sure when they celebrate though?

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