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Mountain Buggy Double Urban - footmuffs and changing bag recs please

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Balamorybaby Wed 04-Nov-09 22:51:09

Can anyone advise me on the best kind of footmuffs to get for the Twin mountain buggy and also for a changing bag to go over the handlebar (big enough for twins stuff).


mummytotwins Thu 05-Nov-09 00:14:28

My footmuffs came with mine so no help there sorry, although if you have a home and bargain near you I did see sheepskin ones in mine last week (I have sheepskin ones, very cosy in winter, cool in summer) as for change bags as long as the strap extends they all fit over the handlebars

TaraQ Thu 05-Nov-09 13:34:04

We also bought ours as a package - paid extra and got 2 x snugglebags made by alvi. I would highly recommend them. We got the mini snugglebags for when our boys were first born (which we are now selling on e-bay if you are interested!). They also do larger ones. As for changing bags, ours never fitted over handle - always stored it underneath x

accessorizequeen Thu 05-Nov-09 22:33:01

I've got buggysnuggles on mine, they fit beautifully and I like having twin cows grin. Kaiser XL also pretty good fit I heard (and nice range of colours). I had a skip hop double bag & it fitted beautifully on the handles, just sold it on here actually. Was really nice to have something that fitted up high on the buggy. Tis a very very big bag, I don't really need as much now they're 1.

Had trouble getting anything else to fit on it, so I now use buggy buddys and hang my rucksack off it. I love buggy buddys! I tried out one of the JuJuBe bags on it as they have clips but the bag which fitted was so heavy and massive I sent it back. The smaller JuJuBe bag didn't fit across. If you have a biggish bag with d-rings, you can hang it off the JuJuBe clips bought separately, just an idea. btw, I had a messenger bag with a very long strap & it still wouldn't extend over the handlebars.

mummytotwins Fri 06-Nov-09 13:37:07

Im currently just using the Mothercare basic black messenger bag style change bag and once the long strap is extended it fits on mine fine!?!

accessorizequeen Fri 06-Nov-09 22:06:21

That's so weird, I had a mothercare bag & it didn't fit which is when I started looking at other bags.

Balamorybaby Sun 08-Nov-09 10:02:31

Thanks ladies.

Mummytotwins I tried the Mothercare one yesterday and you're right, it fits fine, that strap is soooo long, Thank you.

Accessorizequeen hope you don't mind me asking, but are you able to attatch the buggysnuggles onto the MB with the strings? If so, where do you tie them, and are you still able to recline the seats with them on? TIA.

TaraQ, my LO's are nearly 9months now so presumably they'd be too big for the mini bags, thanks anyway, will look into the bigger version. Like you, my bag is currently in the basket under the pushchair but I really want to hang bag onto handle as having 6 children the basket is always full of other stuff too!

Thanks again ladies.

1stMrsF Sun 08-Nov-09 19:59:32

I don't have the MB but I imagine, having looked at it when I bought my Nipper, and because of the way the bag attaches that the Skip Hop Duo Double would fit nicely and I LOVE mine. It holds everything I could possibly every need and therefore makes me feel more confident about going out because I am prepared for all eventualities

accessorizequeen Sun 08-Nov-09 20:13:48

Balamory, yes I can attach both buggysnuggles with the ties, it took some working out but is fine. I do them quite loose so the seat can be reclined but I haven't tried reclining all the way as my two rarely sleep in the buggy now. I did note that the new buggysnuggle I bought (I had one already) had much shorter ties. I'll have a go tomorrow if you like and tell you! I was just so keen to have buggy snuggles as I already had a cow one so just had to buy another. I thought the kaiser ones were good too as they have a textured bit on the back so they'll stay put. Pupabags have much longer ties btw (although I don't think they're as thick as buggysnuggles, at least not the one I have).
I think it's coming back to me that my mothercare bag did fit over the mb, but not on my baby joggger. blush which is why I stopped using it. I give up on changing bags now biscuit

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