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First birthday - what did you do?

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ck2409 Thu 22-Oct-09 21:58:45

Hi all
I just cannot believe my little ones are soon going to be 1. Anyhow, I really don't know whether to have a little private celebration with just the four of us or to have a little party drinks / cake cutting etc. The twins are not yet ready to have the ice cream and jelly party at the table type of party(and I really don't want to do that type of thing anyway).

Really I suppose this year it will be more to celebrate getting through this last year without having had a complete nervous breakdown! We don't have family close by so we either go for the very private celebration or the the friends and their kids, etc. Otherwise I'd have probably had just a small celebration with close family.

I'm looking for ideas and would love to know what other people did.

Thanks a lot, appreciate any replies.

looseleaf Thu 22-Oct-09 22:25:16

We had a small family celebration with one other 1 year old which was really perfect for us as dd wasn't overwhelmed but it still felt like a wonderful celebration all the same with cake etc and a bottle of champagne! We all enjoyed every minute and it felt v special.

At this age I personally struggled at bigger celebrations as with more than a cluster of children parties became quite fraught and exhausting even though still lovely.

Have a fantastic day with your twins and by the way I'm so glad we took photos as it's lovely to see dd on her 1st birthday!

kathryn2804 Fri 23-Oct-09 09:42:14

We had a massive celebration as it was my 30th birthday 3 days later so had a 3-way party! Knackering!!! But great fun!

1st birthday parties are definitely more for the parents, D & J didn't really know what was going on! Do whatever you feel is right!

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