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VBAC Moms of Twins....?

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ConsidertheLilies Tue 20-Oct-09 03:44:43

How did your VBAC go? Did you deliver both babies successfully through VBAC? OR Did you deliver the first through VBAC and still wind up in a C-Section to deliver the second baby?

My OB admitted that the latter is often the case.... Makes me wonder how many of the 'second twin' c-sections could have really been avoided....

I would appreciate hearing your experiences......

curiositykilled Tue 20-Oct-09 14:28:22

Bit of a bump for you...

I don't know about VBACs but I think section for second twin is quite a worrying issue and common generally. One of the reasons is the lack of midwives and doctors experienced and willing to deliver the second breech. Not sure what other issue there'd be with VBAC.

Frank or complete breech delivery of the second doesn't need to be a problem but you do need experienced delivery staff.

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