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i candy pear or jane power twin for twins ??

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wakeinthemorningsmiling Tue 15-Sep-09 14:07:35

hi am so undecided as to which one to get as they both have pros and cons any experience or advice ???

ThingumyandBob Tue 15-Sep-09 17:26:43

Am looking at double buggys too....the jane is meant to be good as long as you have a massive car, but when I've asked about it in some shops I've been told that that customers have said it's not very easy to use as it's so heavy.

Not sure about the i candy.

I was 'goole-ing' and found a twin site for push chairs and prams,it's called twins uk. They have some good stuff including a couple on there where your babies face each other...very cute.

CharlieKat Thu 17-Sep-09 13:05:30

Hi - I have the iCandy for my twins who are now 11 months old. It had been great so far and I love the fact that it is as narrow as a single pram. I used it with the carrycots for about 4 months and they are fairly small so (depending on the size of the babies) don't last very long. the babies can face you or face away with the seats which is nice.

The only problem I have with it in the last few months as the babies are so much bigger is that it really is heavy (the jane is even heavier though). I think this is made worse as I'm really short so need to have the handle low which makes it harder to get up kerbs etc. For this reason i often resort to my old 2nd hand maclaren double buggy - tho I am now hankering after a nippy 3 wheeler....

Hope that helps a bit!

faeriefruitcake Sat 19-Sep-09 23:48:56

I have the power twin and it's brills, nice and narrow. The weight hasn't been a problem and it is really nippy. Washes lovely. Babies have just come out of the carry cots at nine months and are sitting in the seats. I got a puncture and it was easy to repair.

Only one downside, if you don't hit the kerb dead on it can tilt which isn't a problem when they are small. Mind you once you get the hang of it this doesn't happen.

dingdong3 Mon 21-Sep-09 12:25:09

I have the icandy for my 10 month old twins and love it. Agree with CharlieKat about the carrycots - in hindsight, they were not really a necessary purchase as you get so little time out of them. Sold them on ebay tho so made back about 60% of what I paid.
Also feel the maclaren need coming over me but that happens even with single babies - you always end up buying a maclaren umbrella buggy it seems..!

What really IMHO pitches the iCandy over the powertwin is the maxi cosi handy clicking the carseats out of the isofix in the car and straight onto the chassis. Will miss this so much when twins go into bigger carseats soon.
Other benefit of icandy is if you have any plans to have another baby in the future as it converts to a single buggy.

Good luck with the choice. I'm in Belfast so guessing you are nowhere near me otherwise you would be welcome to come try my icandy out...if you see anyone out and about with either buggy, you should ask...I would never mind anyone asking me.

twinmum79 Wed 23-Sep-09 15:17:25

Powertwin for me! Loved it when they were babies and still loving it now they're almost 2.

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