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Up to what age is icandy pear good?

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e3chick Sat 12-Sep-09 22:26:39

I seem to remember reading that it is not that big - or the seats aren't - and so isn't that good for children once they get to around 2 years old, or even less. Is that so? How old were your children before they outgrew it?

curiositykilled Sun 13-Sep-09 13:38:57

Don't know about the icandy but I suspect it'll be better to find another pram around that time whatever pram you get. Some prams are significantly advantageous for babies and become a hindrance as the child gets heavier. I suspect the icandy may be one of these, perhaps because of the seats but more likely because it doesn't appear to have tyres. Prams with tyres are significantly advantageous when pushing two heavy children.

kathryn2804 Sun 13-Sep-09 16:59:32

Most twin Mummies I know have more than one buggy throughout the course of their children's devlopment. I would go for what suits you now and worry about 2 yr olds later!! You can always get them off ebay if money is a worry!

e3chick Sun 13-Sep-09 21:54:44

The thing is I have two other children, one of whom will only be 2.3 so I was hoping that I could sling one twin and put dd2 in the pram if she got too tired on the buggyboard - but I can't do that if the icandy is too small for a two year old.

CarGirl Sun 13-Sep-09 21:58:05

I think the pear will be 2 small, I've heard only bad thing about it.

P&T cheating and using the car seat? I've heard you're officially not meant to but a few people have had one in the car seat above and one in the main seat and it's been okay.

e3chick Mon 14-Sep-09 07:56:11

Will look into that CarGirl. I have read some bad reviews of icandy, but it looks so nice and compact I really don't want them to be true!
I do have a friend with just twins who are 6months and she really likes hers for now, but she doesn't need so much flexibility from hers as I do for mine...I could test hers out with my dd2, but I don't see her too often.

Flumpity Mon 14-Sep-09 21:22:57

hi e3chick, i haven't tried it yet but we're in a similar situation to you with a 2.3 year old and twins due imminently. after long and exhaustive pondering have decided to be BAD PARENTS and cheat with the phil & ted car seat trick. one newborn in the newborn bit and the other in our existing maxi cosi infant car seat on the adapters on top, and they can just take turns who goes where. also means 2.3 year old, if knackered, can go in toddler seat (or morelikely will just perch in the car seat because she's still quite petite!) with a twin in a sling for a while. we got the idea from someone else who did it and worked a treat. but we have had some friends tut at us for not getting a 'proper' twin pram.

i loved the look of the pear, but having asked a few people with it, they all said its just too heavy after a few months and gets way too small after a year. in fact all double buggies which are 'officially' suitable for newborn twins seem to stink in one way or another - either too heavy, too big or too wide. hence our plan to cheat.

good luck deciding. x

e3chick Tue 15-Sep-09 15:03:07

With that option, is that ok for an over 1 to go in the bottom slot - are they happy? Will they not argue over who has which? Is there an age/size limit to the bottom slot?

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