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D'ya ever wonder who passed the responsibility for starting a new d'ya ever wonder thread...

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curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 11:04:46

It was ruby... she passed it to the newbie! grin

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 11:06:26

Oh no! bye bye old thread! The only thread I've been on!

Rubyrubyruby Fri 11-Sep-09 11:08:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 11:08:40

ARGH! The responsibility and pressure is killing me!!!!! Help!

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 11:12:23

AH RUBY! <<sigh of relief>>

shabbapinkfrog Fri 11-Sep-09 11:13:11

<<falls through the vortex into the new thread>>

<<gives herself a mum spit wash with a mucky hanky>>

<<gets the hoover out and a feather duster to get rid of the cobwebs>>

Well done curiosity - they are buggers on these threads - they always get the newbie to do it! grin

Rubyrubyruby Fri 11-Sep-09 11:14:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shabbapinkfrog Fri 11-Sep-09 11:15:32

PMSL had forgotten Im not allowed to be the pin monitor grin

shabbapinkfrog Fri 11-Sep-09 11:16:43

<<noseys around to see if there is any food or drink anywhere>>

Ewwww Rubester are these my Faliraki flip-flops under the sofa? Ewwww they smell of old ladies wee and lavender.

<<lovingly caresses her smelly flip flops>>

Rubyrubyruby Fri 11-Sep-09 11:21:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 11:25:47

where's the loo?

<<crosses legs>>

shabbapinkfrog Fri 11-Sep-09 11:30:31

If you get caught short curiosity, there's always my flip flops Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww xx

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 11:39:54

lol... I don't think flip flops would make a very good bedpan...

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 11:46:07

<<relieves self in more appropriate place but won't tell where>>

DD is cleaning the bathroom for me. grin

This involves taking all her clothes off, putting on her swimming costume, filling her doll's baby bath with water, getting a clean sponge scourer from the drawer and washing the cupboard. grin

Rubyrubyruby Fri 11-Sep-09 12:04:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 12:22:17

lol, have done now rubes! I am not upset by them anymore, I have become de-sensitised to the AIBU threads through over-use. If only I could stop myself leaning towards becomming a one woman crusade every once in a while though. Although they are unbelievably teaching me some diplomacy grin

What job are you going to do ruby ruby rubes?

shabbapinkfrog Fri 11-Sep-09 12:28:32

shock Just had a message from our hotel rep in Faliraki - its persisting down there!!! She is moaning and groaning about the rain shock

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 12:42:18

lol... and they all moan about rainy britain, glorious sunshine here. grin

ZippysMum Fri 11-Sep-09 12:47:50

morning my lovelies,
thanks so much for your birth stories which had me weeping gently into my double chins last night. saw the registrar this morning and really need to talk things through - Mars you don't do telephone Doula-ing, do you? i am so tangled up and i just don't know what to do for the best. basically i have to choose between an induction and 'actively managed' labour or a section.
my 'choices' for labour would be an active 1st stage and waterbirth, with gas and air. BUT it seems like recently i have become a total wimp around my nether regions and i don't know if i am being totally unrealistic about my ability to deal with the pain.
i have been told i will be constantly monitored through 2nd stage and on the bed. interventions are more common here than average. they will give me an epidural in case i need an emergency section.
i am scared of tearing, of being cut and of being out of control. i am scared of one of the babies lacking oxygen or being hurt. on the other hand, a section would mean a much longer recovery, maybe more chance of breathing probs for babies and perhaps a longer hospital stay and more trouble establishing breastfeeding.
also, these will probably be our only dcs.would i regret not having a vaginal delivery, i wonder.
i feel such an idiot for being so scared/indecisive/pathetic about it all.
what would you do? i have to make a decision one way or the other.

also, would someone mind copying and pasting this post into a new thread on childbirth on my behalf, please, in case anyone on there has had both induction and a section? (copy/paste does not exist on this tv thing and it's taken about 30 mins to type out).
many, many thanks in advance,
zippy x

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 12:59:03

OK, Zippy, I have copied you a thread in childbirth.

shabbapinkfrog Fri 11-Sep-09 13:00:38

Well done Curiosity - I sat here wondering how to do that with a puzzled expression on my face!! [thick as pig muck emoticon]

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 13:26:33

You will be fine with the pain. EVERYONE worries about the pain, even after having had a baby. You ALWAYS worry about the pain, you'd be mad not to, who wouldn't?

For me I found the pain of childbirth a productive and manageable experience. My DS took 60 hours (they would never let you go this long, I pushed for it and there were geographical issues) to be born and I had pethidine and TENS. My DD took 12 hours, I had only the TENS. I found the the pain starts small and builds slowly which helps your body to adjust and cope. If you had the intense pain of the final stage of contractions at the beginning I don't think you'd be able to cope with it but by the time I got to that stage my body was ready and prepared to accept it and it felt exciting and productive as it was evidence of the imminent birth.

This is hard to explain but I am very glad of the labours and vaginal births I had and the pain is part of that. I want the pain this time, I need to feel it naturally as much as I can and I am confident that there will be methods of relieving it if it becomes unmanageable. That is the trick I think. If you let it do it itself so it builds and make sure you ask when you want pain relief then it is a good experience (to me anyway).

I would have a frank discussion with the consultant about how to balance your peace of mind and needs in labour with what is actually necessary to look after your babies. If you want to be able to move see if they will let you move and be monitored e.t.c

Having a good midwife and pushing at the right times helps to prevent tearing or needing to be cut. It is unlikely you will be out of control. My experience was that you become a bit insular and everybody around seems a bit further away than they really are which makes you feel very in control. Put in your notes that you want people to discuss things with you before they do them if you are worried (or something nice that means that ) Put in your notes that you would like specific guidance about when and how to push to avoid tearing and that you only want to be cut as a last resort. Basically anything that is important, tell DH and put it in your notes.

I can see why you'd be tempted to stick with the original plan to section but your sound like you want to give vaginal delivery a go too. It's a difficult and unenviable position but the main thing you should focus on is that soon your babies will be here and none of this will matter (hopefully).

you are definintely not an idiot or pathetic and it is normal to be scared x

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 13:29:48

shabs - tis my yoof... I are compoota literate... just grin wink

curiositykilled Fri 11-Sep-09 13:32:59

oh and zippy - my mum, who has delivered lots of bubs, says her experience of twins is they are often easier coming out than singletons and so less chance of tearing/cutting as they are normally smaller.

I feel excited and tense for you! xxxxx

HarrogateMum Fri 11-Sep-09 13:55:57

afternoon all..........

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