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Portable high chairs for twins

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Balamorybaby Sat 05-Sep-09 07:25:06

Can anyone recommend me some good portable highchairs please smile

My B/G DT's are 6months old. I'd like to be able to feed them when out and about but there are not always highchairs available and I'm thinking about in parks etc too.

I'm guessing it'd be either clip onto table ones or chair back ones.

What do/did you use and would you recommend them?


londonlottie Sat 05-Sep-09 08:02:00

Message withdrawn

mummytotwins Sat 05-Sep-09 13:33:27

There are these /ref=sr113/278-1857573-5394446?%5Fencoding=UTF8&m=A2LBKNDJ2KZUGQ&n=42862041&mcb=core

or the fabric ones that can be folded up into your change bag like these

keep an eye out for your next local NCT sale to get them cheaper maybe x

accessorizequeen Sun 06-Sep-09 13:30:32

I have these Lindam ones from Argos which we just took on holiday and they're great although don't think they'd fit the dt's when they're bigger toddlers (they're 11 months). They're fab and smaller than the other booster-style seats I have at home. But rereading your post, probably not suitable?

I have a fabric one as well from ThatCuteAge (totseat) but haven't used it yet as my two are BLW and without a tray it's just too messy! It's this one, I think it looks great and v.portable, very secure to fix onto a chair unlike another one I had with fabric ties.

Sullwah Thu 10-Sep-09 19:44:46

I just kept them in the buggy and fed them in there. Yes - the buggy does get a bit yukky. But the idea of lugging around two booster seats / highchairs is my idea of hell.

kathryn2804 Sun 13-Sep-09 17:13:52

Definitely at 6 mths, buggy best option. Later, we had the Mothercare ones, very good!

accessorizequeen Mon 14-Sep-09 19:51:37

can always get washable liners for the buggy...

glamourbadger Sat 19-Sep-09 10:23:33

Highly recommend Handysitts - pricey but well worth it. My twins are still using theirs at 3 and a half. Brilliant for taking on holiday or to friends as they fold up small enough to fit in the back of a buggy. We were sold on them after a holiday in France - most restaurants only had one highchair.

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