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What are you playing at?

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FrumpyGrumpy Wed 01-Jun-05 15:08:19

What can I do with my DTs (10 months) and my dd (4) in the house, together, to fill an hour before dinner time? Something that can span the ages, I feel all I do for my DTs is make sure they don't have a nasty accident and my poor dd just hangs about because I can't play with her without them bashing in through the middle. Must be about gin time surely......

MarsLady Wed 01-Jun-05 15:42:39

definitely gin time and what do you mean what can you play? Sleeping lions sounds good! ROFLMAO

AtHomeMum Wed 01-Jun-05 15:55:12

My dds love to put on shows - they alll dress up & dance around - put on a CD & let dd entertain the little ones!

FrumpyGrumpy Wed 01-Jun-05 20:13:23

Thanks ATM, my dd does love a show and wishes she was Angelina Ballerina. She said to me the other day in an Angelina voice "that's soooo romantic". Will give it a bash, always up for a bit madness!

Hey Mars , is that game the same as my version "lets play sleeping on the beach in Mallorca"? How's your life hanging? Got a desperate housewives plan tonight? Haven't yet managed to see a whole episode so the wacky storylines got wackier. Also far too many skinny thighs for my liking!

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