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swimming with twins

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toddlerntwins Sat 18-Jul-09 00:53:46

So I have 6 month old id twin girls. My whole family loves the water, and I'd like to take them swimming. How do you do it with young twins? Would wearing 2 slings work? I don't really have anyone that could help me. Daddy works, and anyone who'd come along to help would be watching my 2 1/2 yr old son.

siouxsiesiouxandthebanshees Sat 18-Jul-09 14:34:10

Most pools will insist that for every under 5 there is 1 adult.
I think you are going to have to hire a babysitter to help with your other twin.

kathryn2804 Sat 18-Jul-09 14:46:18

I think it must pools say it has to be 1:1 until they're 3 yrs old (think that's right!) I can take mine on my own now they're 4 and it's great, though they are a bit behind on their swimming! They'll soon catch up, I didn't learn until I was gone 5 and I swam like a fish when I was older.

It is one of the most annoying things about having twins!

shoshe Sat 18-Jul-09 14:54:22

I go swimming with 3 mindees with a helper, our pool it 2:1 ration.

I apoligise to nyone who has seen me post this before, but my master class for CM's gors like this {grin]

Before you go, change all kids into all in one fleeces, and vest and nappies.

When you get there, change yourself first, then eldest and so on down the line, as you take the clothes off, hang on peg the way you are going to put them back on, with nappy over the top.

Once in water, all have arm bands and rubber rings, that way you can keep them all above the water level and grab them by the ring, if they float to far away. Never Ever put child in ring without armbands they can slip through.

Once swimming is over, strip child, sit on floor (they will fall off benches) with bum in the ring, (they cant crawl off then) cover with towelling poncho so warm and give snack and drink.

Dress yourself, you cannot dress them if you are cold and shivering, it takes twice as long.

Then start with the youngest usually they are dry by this time, dress, put in buggy cover with blanket, do the next child.

I can usually get us out and all 4 of us changed and in the car in 15 minutes.

Then straight home to bed, if they make it that far before falling asleep.

siouxsiesiouxandthebanshees Sat 18-Jul-09 14:56:44

Shoshe smile

mel2005 Mon 20-Jul-09 19:10:15

i have the same problem but i have a 3 and 4 year old as well. my husband is going to come and i have two watertot slings. not sure how i am going to manage them all but i will let you know how it goes when i finally brave going.

mel2005 Mon 20-Jul-09 19:11:31

oh and my twins are 6 months as well

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