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Toilet training - twin boys - advice needed!

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walkie Thu 25-Jun-09 08:56:25

I have been potty training my twin boys (2yrs 5 mths) for 4 weeks now. DS1 doing fine, occasional accident, using loo mostly, not potty. DS2 now not interested - initially he seemed to be the most ready of the two, and did very well for the first couple of weeks. Now he rarely tells me he needs to go, and just wees/poos in his pants (Especially when occupied - playing etc). Even when he is wet/soiled he gets quite cross about being changed, and is resistant. I try and make light of the accidents, and just change him with little fuss (difficult when DS1 is shouting "oh no, great big poo-poo!!). I was resigned to put DS2 back in nappies for a while, but he refuses. Explained that its either nappies or he must use the loo, no success. My next idea was just to make him sit on the loo/potty like clockwork every 40 mins or so. (I admit, I do "hover" round him a bit when I think he needs to go) Please - any other ideas - my carpet can't take any more! (and not sure I can...!) Thanks

killiney Tue 30-Jun-09 21:24:28

My sister in in the same situation - in fact it is identical to you- ds2 grasped it quicker than ds1 from day one - whereas ds1 got the idea but had accidents til day four. Almost three months on - ds1 - like a duck to water tells her with warning when they are out - mainly dry at night etc rarely an accident in day. ds2 prefers pullups or nothing - not impressed with pants and when in pants/pullups regulary uses them. when without either he uses potty/toilet well. yet ds2 was quicker and 'better' than ds1 to start with... we think ds2 got a little bored with it and is determined to do it his own way

FernieB Thu 09-Jul-09 11:47:18

I have twin girls and can sympathise. I know it would probably be frowned upon by a lot of people but I resorted to a sweet jar. I filled a clean jam jar with smarties and the girls decorated it with stickers and then I told them that every time they managed to use the potty or toilet they would get a sweet. Within 2 weeks I had dry girls and they were dry at night very quickly too. We also removed the carpet and got laminate!

kathryn2804 Wed 15-Jul-09 14:28:09

We did stickers. Mine would do anything for a sticker. We had a reward chart. It definitely worked for us. If not, I'm sure sweeties would wink

Bribary is a very useful parenting tool I find

MinaLoy Wed 15-Jul-09 14:30:34

Watching this thread with interest. I have twin girls the same age as yours, walkie, and I'm getting nervous!

oneopinionatedmother Wed 15-Jul-09 14:40:06

i don't frown upon sweets - works like a charm.

as soon as dd worked out that the chocolate button related to her having weed on the potty the thing worked much BETTER,

it works particularly well if they don't get sweets at any other time, and even half or a quarter of a button is enough of a treat for her to feel rewarded.

@walkies LOL great big Poopoo!

is it possible to park the good one with a relative for a few days whilst you focus on the less good one? although i don't have twins, my then newborn didn't help at all, and throwing him at Daddy for long periods helped alot.

oh, and give yourself a big pat on the back for your progress so far. I dont look back on PT with fondness, and I think a little self-congratualtion for everything that is going well helps you address those things that aren't with more energy and positivity.

Selenatwins Tue 25-Aug-09 09:39:13

my boys are 2yrs 8 months and are just not interested or ready yet but EVERYONE is telling me they should be completely dry by now???!!!! angry

ChopsTheDuck Tue 25-Aug-09 09:43:20

def go with the sweeties. We did one for a wee and THREE for a poo! The more fuss we made of one, the harder the other would try.

selena, tell them to bog off. Boys often take a little longer anyway, and there is no point in pushing them if they are not interested. Plus training two is hard work!

Twinsmommy Sat 05-Sep-09 17:09:30

I don't frown on sweets either. My twin boys are now totally toilet trained and out of night-time nappies. For wees on the toilet they had stickers, but for every poo they did on the toilet, they were allowed a square of chocolate. I had the only twins pooing for chocolate, and everyone thought it quite hysterical, but if it works, go with it, that's my motto!

Although, I trained mine quite late, at their 3rd birthday, as didn't feel they were ready for it before then.

cheekymajeeka Sun 12-Jun-11 22:28:22

My boys are 2yrs 8months and have only shown a little interest in 'going to the loo'! we have a seat for one and the other has sat on a potty but thats about it. I have asked them if they would like to go to the loo like mummy and daddy but they just laugh and say no! I feel as if i will be changing nappies for ever at this rate! Having spoken to other mums of twins they have reassured me that twins often potty train later. I was lucky that my older boys were both dry by 18months! I guess I will have to try the sticker chart/sweet jar method and see how that works. Finger's crossed, it would be nice not having to do the constant nappy changing and of course the extra change in the pocket would be a happy bonus grin

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