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Anyone BF expert - need some help!

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MrsSW Sun 21-Jun-09 14:48:41

Hi All
My gorgeous twin boys are now 11 weeks (5 weeks corrected). I BF'd them exclusively until 7 weeks and have been expressing and feeding them most feeds via a bottle (so people can help).
I have also been supplementing a couple of feeds with formula. I just wondered as my twins grow, how will I build my milk supply to keep up with them? Can you do this while expressing? At the moment, I'm expressing about six ounces every 3.5 hours and this is pretty much what they need.
Any advice would be great. Also any advice on how to build milk supply when expressing I'm already taking fenugreek and I use a double medela pump.
Thanks a lot
Mrs W x

francesrivis Sun 21-Jun-09 16:20:23

Have you tried posting in the breast and bottle feeding topic? Loads of knowledgeable people over there!

KeithTalent Tue 23-Jun-09 21:44:33

Also post on Yahoo's ap multiples group

kathryn2804 Tue 23-Jun-09 23:54:26

Babies have the highest milk intake at the 6 weeks growth spurt that they ever have, so you've gone past that stage so you should be fine. However expressing does not stimulate the breast as well as a baby taking milk directly so you may have to express more often to get the amount of milk you need. The more often you stimulate the breast, either by baby or pump, the more milk you make. Supply and demand.

Hard work expressing though!! I found it 3x the work of breastfeeding!

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