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Ok , I know this is probably a daft question but what should I pack in my hospital bag?

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piper84 Sat 20-Jun-09 13:24:49

Hi Ladies, I'm curently 21 weeks preg with twins grin this is my first (and second grin) and after a long time trying am very excited . I'm based in Ireland and my midwife gave me a list of stuff to pack for my hospital bag, the only thing is her list seems very sparing/small. Just has the basics on it. Is there anything else that I should pack? Midwifes list is as follows

For Mother
3 packets Maternity pads
1 Large bottle of savlon
Underwear & Bras
Personal Toiletries
Dressing Gown
Breast Pads

For Baby
Baby towels
1 roll of cotton wool
baby sleep suits
Baby vests
Surgical Spirits
1 packet newborn nappies
1 bottle baby bath
3 baby blankets
4 baby sheets

Is there anything else I should be adding in? thanks xxx

ZipadiSoozi Sat 20-Jun-09 15:42:54

Why would you pack baby bath, blankets, sheets, surgical spirits, do the hospital not provide these?

Depending how long you in for:

2 packets of newborn nappies
8 sleepsuits (per day) (mucus and milk spillages)
8 vests (per day)
Wet wipes quicker than cotton wool, but cotton wool cheaper!

Not what I packed for my twins, but was what I actually used!!!!! although hospital baby gowns were easier for changing nappies.

Nurses used to look at the dirty linen pile on the chair and sigh!

The hospital bag will be the least of your dilemas in your next couple of years wink

You should be the size of a house by now, so look forward to the 'Grand Hotel' look grin take all the comments on the chin and be proud of them, its for the best cause on earth. Fab way to get attention, and when twins are born can feel like a freak show for all, get stopped in the streets with the 'aw so cute' I also enjoyed all the fuss! great ice-breaker. Accept all the help you get offered.

Enjoy your peace and quiet and get plenty of sleep, its sooooo exciting isn't it! my dts are now 5yo (check piccys) they are adorable and so close!

Good luck with it all.

(Sorry bit of a ramble post) just get excited!

piper84 Sat 20-Jun-09 19:16:30

Hi Zipadisoozi

Thanks for replying no in Ireland we have to bring in our own cot sheets/baby blankets and surgical spirits. Wow, that is a lot of clothes shock at least now though I can have some ready for dh to bring in day by day to me, had a look at your photos and your dts are adorable grin

faeriefruitcake Sat 20-Jun-09 23:14:06

Make sure the pants are big ones. Even if you have a VB and not a csection it is much more comfortable afterward with big pants, I'm talking your Grannies favourits! grin

I also took a book of puzzles and a book because believe it or not some babies sleep a lot for the first few days and if you're in for any length of time it gets boring.

Horton Sat 20-Jun-09 23:18:36

Take food and drink for afterwards - I was starving and practically inhaled a packet or two of biscuits. Fruit juice and water were also very welcome - although they give you a jug of water and probably a cup of tea you may need more fluids and it might be the middle of the night. Dried fruit is pretty handy for that horrific first post-birth poo.

Antiseptic/cleaning wipes may be handy for the bathroom if it is shared and depending on the hospital. My hospital was absolutely fine but I've heard some horror stories about the state of the baths and loos etc.

Also, take Lansinoh if you are planning to breastfeed (ointment for nipples, very soothing).

Horton Sat 20-Jun-09 23:19:39

Oh and don't bother with those disposable paper pants. They don't seem to fit anyone of any size. A multipack or two of granny pants from Primark or wherever will be much more comfortable.

poorbuthappy Sat 20-Jun-09 23:26:53

I never got on with maternity I went for always night time longest you can get pads instead... worked for me...

Wonderstuff Sat 20-Jun-09 23:43:09

I went by the list in my pregnancy books and they (all three - I like to read) advised taking 2 nightdresses in hospital bag - this is WRONG! The one you give birth in needs to be chucked - it is covered in blood and baby poo when you have finished, so you change into your second one and go to sleep - over night this too gets covered in blood as you wake up to a scene from some 70's horror film. Then you have nothing to change into and have to ask dh to go out and buy more and he will in typical style not do as you asked but get nightdresses that don't button down from Primark which will make breastfeeding a pita. You will be hormonal and get unreasonably angry about this for a long time. Anyway next time I will take:
4 button down nightdresses
Calypso straw drinks - cos they were great in labour
Several packs of maternity pads
Cheap comfy big knickers
Maternity bras
Going home clothes
A good but unchallenging book
dressing gown
breast pads (forget who does them but the ones with a nipple shape cut in are comfiest)
Baby stuff
I also forgot cotton wool and midwifes frowned on using wipes on newborn, which didn't help me feel like a good mother so I will pack cotton wool next time!

Good luck, very exciting packing a bag. grin

lucya1980 Sun 21-Jun-09 20:32:01

How long do u generally stay in hospital for with twins? If they are all ok and not in scbu? (i am hoping!!)

Also Zip is that 8 per baby or 8 total?? Did u take a suitcase???

Finally piper whens your 40week due? u seem to be about the same stage as me? i am 23 oct at 40weeks.

ZipadiSoozi Sun 21-Jun-09 21:15:08

I got through 4 baby vests and suits every day for each baby, that mucus that babies get rid of in the 1st couple of days, plus my dd was tube fed but was well.

I stayed in for 1 week, but that was my personal choice, I had the chance to go home after 4 days, ds was 6lbs 8oz dd was 5lbs 3oz they were a good weight, I carried to full term for twins, which in the midlands is 38weeks.

After 4 days, dts were fit and well for home, depends on whether cc is performed, but you can still expect to go home after 4 days if mummy and babies are doing well.

Horton Sun 21-Jun-09 22:54:23

I just wore a huge cheap T-shirt from Uniqlo to give birth in. It wasn't covered with blood or poo or anything. I'm still wearing it as a nightie, nearly three years on! I'm quite fond of it.

merlinthehappypig Sun 21-Jun-09 23:09:38

Slightly off tangent but - I had my 'going home' outfit 'packed' at home ready for my dh to bring to hospital for me when I had dc2. This is because he actually brought in a pair of tracksuit bottoms that I kept for decorating for me to wear home when I had dc1.

How lovely did I feel walking out of hospital for the first time with my dc1 wearing a pair of paint splattered, manky old tracksuit bottoms.

So if your dh is like mine then make sure that you have your outfit set aside before you go into hospital.

LastOrders Sun 21-Jun-09 23:13:57

Take lots of nightwear - for you!!

I only took 1 pair of PJs. The very first nappy I changed (in my life shock) ended up with DS peeing all down the front of me, leaving me soaked and without anything clean to put on.

It was 4am. I phoned my mum in tears to come and get me and take me home, as I wasn't ready for a baby!!

BKD Mon 22-Jun-09 11:44:41

Friends have recommended a pair of flip flops for the awful showers in shared wards. I was lucky to go private after the birth of my DS but hope that i can get home early after the twins are born in Nov/Dec. And i now look back and laugh at the lovely WHITE! nightdress that my sister in law lent me for the hospital stay- a nice gesture but totally impractical.

MrsJamesMartin Mon 22-Jun-09 11:49:40

Why on earth would you need surgical spirit? I've not used that since I had my ears pierced when i was 9!!

piper84 Mon 22-Jun-09 11:58:57

Thank you so much to everyone for replying grin

Lucy my 40 week date is 31st of October so not to far behind you. Are these your first two? grin

Merlin that sounds very like something my DH would do, when we got married he had the job of bringing our clothes for the next day to the hotel but he put them in the boot of his brothers car, not realising his brother was not going to driveshock .spent the morning in our hotel room with nothing to wear waiting for PIL to bring us some clothes

Bkd good idea with the flip flops, not sure what the shower situation is but better be ready just incase

1stMrsF Wed 24-Jun-09 22:51:26

You could take 8 vests and sleepsuits per day or you could accept that babies will puke on them and not change them quite so often! Once you have 2 babies at home you won't be quite so sensitive to grubby clothes...

Food. Especially if you are breastfeeding. You will be so hungry. I was eating proper meals every few hours, even through the night and as hospitals don't provide that sort of catering, you will need people to bring it - in your bag you can have chocolate, crisps, cereal bars, nuts etc.

Re: going home outfit. everyone says you'll need to wear your maternity clothes but I was already at my pre-pregnancy weight the day I left the hospital. Twin pregnancy had taken so much from me that all my weight gain was babies. So, I'm glad I waited until the day I left and told DH what to bring. However this is dependent on having a DH who is capable of brining something based on your description.

Take the baby book/twin book you found most helpful plus if you are bf some stuff on latching on etc.

Have a look also on the pregnancy topic. I got my list from reading suggestions on there. For twins, you just need more of everything really.

lucya1980 Thu 25-Jun-09 21:38:17

piper. i have just been looking on your profile, i cant believe u have your room all done already!! You are very prepared!! Ihave done nothing at all. Only thing i have bought is 3 outfits each in small sizes! I will have to get prepared soon while i can still get through the doorways!! do you know what u are having piper?

piper84 Fri 26-Jun-09 18:14:56

Hi Lucy no we dont know what they are yet, have my next scan on 9th July so hopefully we will find out then. I'm only so prepared because I have been off work so much lately.grin blush HAve you found out what your having yet?

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