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getting them off the breast

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tryingtosleep Mon 15-Jun-09 15:17:28

any ideas about how to stop breastfeeding?

my two have just reached their first birthday - and i really want to stop but i dont want to limit their milk intake...

i also dont really want to go back to bottles as they're 1 and apparently the HV advise against it - infact the only thing they do suggest is the tommy tippee cups - but my 2 only sip from those and i'm worried that they wont get enough milk

any suggestions would be really helpful


Littlefish Mon 15-Jun-09 15:37:36

Firstly, huge congratulations on getting to a year! My dsis breastfed her twins for a year, and only gave up when they got chickenpox and self-weaned due to spots in their mouths. I have huge admiration for her and you. smile

Have you tried with an open cup like a doidy cup?

kathryn2804 Thu 18-Jun-09 15:57:46

You dont't have to worry about their milk intake once they're past 1. As long as they're having plenty of calcium rich food like fromage frais, cheese, broccoli, etc it doesn't matter how much thy drink. I would give them a cup of milk with their breastkfast, which also had milk all on it, and a cup before bed.

Find a faster flowing cup than the sippy ones, or try an open one, but this can be messy! Only to be done when supervised. Definitely DON'T use bottles!!

As for stopping feeding, not sure how much they're having at the mo but mine were only on morning and before bed feeds by this time. Cut whichever one you/babies don't need so much first, ours was morning, and then cut the other one out after a while. You might find you like feeding them once a day and keep going for a bit

Well done!!! It's a brilliant achievement!

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