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is the mountain twin buggy any good?

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lucya1980 Sat 13-Jun-09 20:24:17

Ive had a look at this buggy. The carrycot looks great for twins, but is very expensive with the rest of it. Is it worth it? I found it a little stiff to drive in the shop, but may not have unlocked it properly. Does it fit well through doors shops etc? pleasse tel me what u think of this buggy, or if you can recomend me to another one, i'd be greatful. i have a big enough car with s zafira so space not to much of a problem. thanks.

twinmam Sun 14-Jun-09 13:45:37

I've got one and am pretty happy with it but I do find it quite heavy and cumbersome in and out of the car and you do need a big boot. The wheels come off but I find that quite fiddly. We now have a Mclaren lightweight double that folds down much smaller that I keep in the boot for popping into town and use the mountain buggy for when we're going straight from home or family days out and long walks as it's pretty good off road. I really liked the carrycot when my DDs were small - seeing the snuggled up together was adorable. I find it quite easy to put up and down but it is bulky to handle when you're doing it IYSWIM. It is easier to push than any other double buggy I've tried. So, all in all, it's pretty good but it does have some downsides including being hard to lift because of its bulk.

TeaSleepFood Thu 18-Jun-09 22:02:51

HI there, I love my buggy! We do a lot of walking off road and it stands up to anything. In the shops it turns on a sixpence and is actually narrower that some other double buggies and not much heavier. Like any buggy, you will develop a knack for loading the car etc. Mine lives in the boot of the car which is much easier. I had the twin separate carrycots (still in the loft if you're interested) and they were great for visiting friends and easy to carry around. I don't know how easy it is to carry the double one with them in. Twinmam?

Best baby investment I made.

Downside is that the sunshade doesn't stay up very well, that might be just mine though..

lucya1980 Fri 19-Jun-09 10:26:55

I think i like the idea of the double carry cot. Its what had attracted me in the first place! Hadnt thought about carring it indoors tho, trying to balence two babys! but if it wheels inside on pram,it should not be a problem. Think it will live in my car too! I had wantted one that car seats clip too. dunno how much more important that is with twins?

accessorizequeen Fri 19-Jun-09 21:47:25

Carrycot is fab fab fab. It's so easy to push and v.comfy for the kids. Plus it's actually reasonably narrow for a double & I do'nt have a problem getting in anywhere. But there's no way I would lift mine into the boot of my car, it weighs a ton and is v.awkward to lift. We got a lightweight double for the car for this reason like twinmam (a babyjogger). A few on here have got the icandy pear which takes car seats, so does the powertwin (but you can only have a car seat for one baby for the first 6 months which is not great) and a couple of others like first wheels city twin I think. I do find the sunshade on the MB is pretty rubbish compared to some others, hardly comes down at all to cover them which is a bit of a problem with 2 babies squawking about sun in their eyes!

You might want to take a look at the easywalker duowalker as it's lighter, cheaper, and a couple of people on here reckon it's as good if not better than the MB. Also the babyjogger elite (step up from the city which doesn't have air tyres), still lighter than the MB, good design, great sunshade.

If you do decide on the mb, don't buy new, you can get ones in really good condition on ebay for half the price (or TAMBA). Carrycots go 2ndhand for £60-80 (the twin one I mean) and I sold mine on for what I paid for it.

twinmam Sat 20-Jun-09 21:59:47

Double carrycot def not easy to carry both babies in - had to put ours sideways to carry it through the front door so that kind of ruled out using it as a carrycot grin BUT I really did love it as a pram and thinking about it now makes me feel all nostalgic smile We used to get lots of attention with our giant pram (including the 'why has that woman got such a massive pram - oh it's twins' comments. Like I'd choose to push something the size of a small tank around with just one baby in. Unless it was a very big baby...)

Agree with Teasleepfood that it is great offroad. We've had it up hills, through muddy fields etc and if you want to do walking it really is great.

On the downside we also found we had probs keeping the sun hood up so maybe a bit of a design flaw?

Oh and yes - no need to buy brand new (like we did - could have saved a fortune!)

accessorizequeen Sat 20-Jun-09 22:15:50

I'm getting all nostalgic now too twinmam, they were so cute in the carrycot. They always rolled towards each other. Made my early days with them much easier actually as you can just sling a baby in a carrycot, don't have to buckle them in etc.

TeaSleepFood Sun 21-Jun-09 08:44:26

I didn't have the car seat/carry affair things, just used the MB carrycots. As a result we got car seats that go from birth to 4 to save the expense of upgrades.

Call me fussy, but I didn't like the idea of the babies being in the car seats so much - as in the ones you unclip when visiting - as they are in that position for potentially quite a while in the day. The carrycots meant they were properly lying flat and so calmed my paranoid mind.

galaxymummy Sun 21-Jun-09 22:18:21

e bay for second hand cheap on e and save pennies

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