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curiositykilled Sat 13-Jun-09 09:59:54

Why is it OK for them to have free time whenever they choose and you have to ask them for permission? Why do they not understand how difficult being pregnant with twins, looking after the house, organising everything for the babies and with the hospital, managing the household finances and looking after a 4 year old and a 2 year old (when they are swanning around in london all week with their friends) actually is?! Why will they NEVER tell you about things they have planned till the absolute last minute and only then ask you how you feel when they have no intention of bothering beyond giving you a lecture about how all their mates can go, even though you give them a good month's notice when you plan something during family time? Why are they allowed to spend large amounts of money on bloody booze and days out with their friends without telling you but you have to authourise every penny you are spending on moses baskets and stair gates? And, WHY is it just YOUR fault that they can't go to Italy for their mate's wedding a month before the babies are due, the week that your oldest starts school and of your youngest's 3rd birthday when they are working 400 million miles away in the week anyway and will end up being away for 14 days and using up holiday from work?!

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