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kristatwin Fri 05-Jun-09 06:25:31

My twins are 21 months old and still having a constant battle with my dd, everything ds picks up she snatches or fights for it, scratching or biting him, and then he screams at the top of his voice, the poor lad cant have anything. I know they dont learn to share till about 3, but any tips on how to discipline her, i have sort of tried time out, but she just laughs and runs from the spot and then he starts laughing and is all one long joke, please help at my wits end !

niche Fri 05-Jun-09 20:19:35

Mine are 2.5 and still do this from time to time. I tried buying two items the same but they still only wanted the same one. Just wanted you to know you're not alone. My female twin is also more of a fighter out of the two.

They do fight much less as they are getting bigger and like different things. I used to put them in different rooms for a little while each day so they get to play uninterrupted like my singletons did, then change them over (so dt1 plays with toys in bedroom while dt2 plays in living room for 15mins).

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