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BFing twins - mixed feeding - HELP!

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MrsSW Fri 29-May-09 13:27:58

I have 7 week old twins and I have been Bfing them with a formula bottle before bed. I've also got a 15 month old and last Sunday I became so overwhelmed and tired that I decided to stop breastfeeding. I don't have much help and my toddler is having to sit with me while I breasfeed for ages. It just doesn;t seem fair.
So I expressed the milk (40oz in 24 hours) and got someone to help me feed with the bottle for a couple of days. I do love breastfeeding and BF'd my 1st son for most of the first year. I know it's best for them but I simply don't have the time to do it and keep everyone happy.
What I'd like to do is BFs at 7am, 1pm (toddler naptime) and 7pm and then in the night. Formula bottles at other times. Is this likely to work? Has anyone done this and got any tips on how to keep my supply but also give my toddler mummy's time too?
Thanks so much. x x

Panicatthedisco Fri 29-May-09 22:03:16

Hello MrsSW,

I've got a 10 month old who I BFd until he was 6 months old, and we're now expecting twins in October, so DS will be 15months when they're born.

I'm really sorry I can't offer any advice, but I was talking to DH about exactly this last night, and my concern is that DS will feel left out and neglected while I'm trying to Bf the twins. I have no idea how to juggle the whole thing, so I'll follow this post with interest.

Good on you for getting this far, I bet you're knackered. Keep going, and I'm sure others will have some good advice.


kathryn2804 Sun 31-May-09 20:37:30

That would work. Your breasts will make as much milk as the babies take. It will take a couple of days for it to settle down and you will feel very full for a bit. If it's really uncomfortable express a little, but not a whole feed as this will make the breasts produce more milk.

However, you are really past the worst bit of breastfeeding. They cut back at 7 weeks after the 6 weeks growth spurt and start to feed a lot more efficiently. It can be quicker to tandem feed from the breast than trying to get a bottle down them. Plus you don't have all the washing, sterilising, making up feeds, warming them whilst babies are screaming hungry. I know several Mums who have said that it's easier to breastfeed twins with a toddler than it is to formula feed, if you're on your own. if you've got help then someone else can feed them of course which makes it easier.

I'm not putting you under any pressure to continue, but really think seriously about cutting down as it's very difficult to start up again and increase your milk supply.

But also, any breastmilk is better than none!! Breastmilk every day can protect them from bugs and improve immunity. Did you know that if you're in a room with sopmeone with a cold, the bugs go into your lungs, and your breasts automatically make antibodies to that particular bug, protecting them from that cold at the next feed. They will either not get it, or get it very mildly. Amazing stuff really!!

magnummum Mon 01-Jun-09 08:28:25

Congratulations MrsSW! I've got a further variation on your theme so watching advice with interest! I have 3 week old twins and a 2.5 dd. Little girl twin now fully breast fed after having formula top ups in hospital. Little boy is still being mixed fed so now we have the timeconsuming thing of sterilising etc etc and breastfeeding - milk supply is good but he seems to find the bottle easier! Should think about expressing but can't face that on top of the other stuff at the mo smile

anjlix Mon 01-Jun-09 11:57:13

My twins were formula fed for the first three days and then mixed fed from a bottle until about 2-3 weeks age. Cant remember now. I nursed them for a little bit but all in all quit Bfing at about one month. I dont think I had supply issues since I expressed every 4-6 hrs. IMO it is possible to do what you propose. It is 4 times a day at least so hopefully if your twins are good guzzlers you should not have problems with supply...

curiositykilled Fri 12-Jun-09 23:51:42

What Kathryn says sounds sensible. Milk supply is normally established in the first 4 weeks so, having had twins, I doubt you'd have many huge problems with supply even if you wanted to start up again but you can't tell until it's too late unfortunately.

Feeding twins is inevitably very difficult and you shouldn't feel bad for trying to balance the needs of everyone in the family. I would have thought it might be harder to do mixed feeding rather than one or the other but have no experience of this as dd and ds were bf (I am too lazy for sterilising things) and my twins are only due in november!

Ds was only just 16 months when dd was born, I bought him a doll and he (you'll prob shout at me for embarrassing him) liked giving his baby some milk at the same time as I was feeding. He liked doing a pretend nappy, bathing and dressing his baby too cos he got bored very quick with sitting still but liked to be involved. I also had a playpen full of toys to keep him distracted and trapped and often used to make him a snack to sit and eat while the baby (in your case babies) was feeding - pick something you know takes them a looooong time to eat. I'd say generally the best things are things that help the toddler feel like they are either involved or helping you.

shuffle Sun 14-Jun-09 11:33:28

Hi there, I am also expecting twins and will have very active 19month old when they are born. He doesnt sit still for a moment so i am not convinced that he will play happily at my feet while i feed for hours on end. Also do not have much support as no family in area and friends all work fulltime.
I intend to mix feed by breastfeeding one baby and bottlefeeding the other at each feed. As it only takes 5 mins to organise and clear up after bottlefeed i dont think that i will find it such a chore (and hubby can help there anyway).
Not sure how it will work but worth a try. I will be very interested to see how you (and others) manage and what works.

MG72 Sun 21-Jun-09 22:38:48

I am currently bfeeding my twins - now 5 1/2 months. I tandem feed so it doesn't take too long (you need a really good feeding cushion for this!) and my DS1 who was 2 1/2 when they were born is really good about it as we tend to watch TV together when I do it. He now tandem bfeeds his toys

I think you are actually now past the worst bit if you did feel up to carrying on, but I have other twins friends who are mixing as you suggest - it seems quite common with twins Mums for all sorts of reasons.

I am a big believer in happy Mummy = happy babies (and toddlers) so do what you think is best, and don't beat yourself up over it. Good luck!

kathryn2804 Tue 23-Jun-09 23:57:54

Tandem breastfeeding is definitely the quickest way to feed two babies. I have tried all sorts of other variants and in my opinion it's the easiest. Hard for the first few weeks, but once you're past about 3 weeks, and definitely 6 weeks, it's so much easier than all the sterilising and making up feeds.

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