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Which twin pram/pushchair - Yr advice pls!

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VTired Tue 26-May-09 20:07:02

Am 23 wks pg with twins and wd appreciate advice on which pram/pushchair to go for.

Will almost certainly have c-section and will need to get buggy in and out of car to/from school run so don't want something too heavy. At the same time feel uncomfortable putting newborns straight into a stroller (rather than a carry cot).

Are there any twin pushchairs which allow you to click 2 car seats straight in?

Your advice/experiences wd be much appreciated!

Drovette Tue 26-May-09 22:51:44

Hello V tired. Good name, I think all of us are!! Well many congratulations on your double package !! I haven;t been on here for ages but am just doing some mindless pottering around the internet before I go to bed. I LOVE talking about twin buggies (god it's so sad isn't it!), so I can tell you that you can put two car seats onto the iCandy pear, which I have and in my view it's superb, but honey, anything is going to be hard getting in and out of car on a school run. With the iCandy you have to open up the chassis and then attach a little frame thingy (very easy though) onto which you click the carseats. It is a tandem one, so absolutely brilliant for going round the shops, you can get it through all the gaps! You will find that nothing does everything.! You always have to compromise on something. I think there are maybe one or two other buggies you can put two carseats on to but I am afraid I don't know for sure which they are. Maybe a Duowalker?? And maybe the Mountain Buggy. sorry if this is wrong, I'm a bit out of touch now (my twins are now 14mths). have fun choosing!!! take care x

tryingtosleep Wed 27-May-09 10:57:25


we have the jane powertwin - which the carseats do click into - but the buggy is huge and heavy - and to get it in the car we have to take the wheels off - so check the size of your carboot first!

we actually keep a second buggy for our car - the maclaren - which is a lot easier to get in and out!

good luck

VTired Wed 27-May-09 13:21:39

Thanks very much for advice - much appreciated. I am completely confused by the twin buggy market! With my DS who is 4 it was so easy - we just bought a travel system wiv carrycot, car seat n pushchair all in one. The twin prams seem either to weigh a tonne/cost a fortune or they're cheap/flimsy and don't offer much protection. There doesn't seem to be much in between. But thanks for the advice - will look at the iCandy.

mel2005 Thu 28-May-09 13:57:56

i have the icandy pear and the mountain buggy urban twin. the pear lives in the car i take the seats off the chassis (so i can see out of the window) and put the chassis in the boot whole (i have a galaxy). when i use it for the car seats i leave the car seat adapters on. its really good and very quick for trips to the shops/ school run in the car etc.
the mountain buggy is fab for walking off-road and doing the school run from home. i have two buggy boards on the back for my 4 and 3 year olds and the twins in the buggy. unfortunately although its the narrowest twin side by side it still doesnt fit in the doctors doorway so i have to have a small twin like the icandy. i am not well at the moment and i just cant manage long carrying two car seats. to be honest i couldnt live without both of them as the icandy is not much good off-road but is a perfect poping around the shops etc buggy and the mountain buggy is great almost anywhere (apart from the doctors and the hospital).
i bought the icandy chassis and pip converter off e-bay so it didnt cost a fraction of what it is new. i also got a really good bargain with my mountain buggy as well. it was about £400 for both. in addition the pear carrycots i got for £60 off e-bay and sold them back on e-bay when i finished with them and the car seat adapters were £25 from tamba .same with the mb twin carrycot bought and sold again on e-bay. both the buggies i will get the same or more than i paid for them back on e-bay.
i have had loads of twin buggies when i had a toddler and a baby and the mountain buggy is the best quality. (the icandy wasnt out then). the icandy has smaller seats so will not last as long as the mountain buggy but its perfect for when they are small as its so compact and very adaptable. i think i will probably sell it when they are about 18+ months and will just use the mountain buggy which can hapily fit two 4 year olds in (not that they will still be in it then!!!). my twins are only 21weeks so a long time to go yet.

JennyCameron Thu 28-May-09 22:35:32

My twins are nearly 3 now. We had a mothercare urban detour. We were so overjoyed that it fitted in the car with relatively little dismantling that we forgot to check whether it would fit through our front door. It didn't. Nor did it fit through about half the doors I needed it to go through. So don't get that one. At our twins group, the most popular is the Jane Powertwin. It seems to just keep on going...
Good luck!

VTired Mon 01-Jun-09 21:09:04

Thanks so much for all the exellent advice! We were looking at the Urban detour but realise it won't fit thru our front door either! Also thanks for your advice Mel. Will look on ebay now!

londonlottie Tue 02-Jun-09 16:05:07

Message withdrawn

sasamaxx Tue 02-Jun-09 16:10:25

The only double I've had has been a mountain buggy terrain, but it's really been brilliant. You can fit carrycots or carseats onto it (as long as you get the carseat adaptor thing which you can get from chariots all terrain prams)
I wouldn't look at another double tbh as I have no issues with the mountain buggy. I agree with what others have said though, that you'll be struggling to find one that can go in and out of the car boot easily, unless you get an umbrella fold style.

Millie1 Wed 03-Jun-09 12:14:19

Haven't been on here in ages but we have an Easywalker Duo for our pair who have just turned a year. We used it pretty much from 6 wks without the carrycot but with blankets underneath them. It's a lovely buggy - great size, fits into most wide doorways, turns on a very tight circle, you can push with one hand and has a good sized basket underneath.

My one gripe is the seating positions - there are 3 - lie flat, tilted a bit and upright. Upright isn't upright enough IMHO ... we've used it that way all winter and because they way the footmuffs are made (with only one hole for the crotch strap to go through) the babies always slipped down. It is better now without the footmuff but could even be a bit more upright as the babies get bigger.

You really need to go and play with as many as possible!!


curiositykilled Fri 05-Jun-09 21:20:41

I have been thinking about this too as am 18 weeks with twins. I used the powertwin with my older two that are 15 months apart but was worried about the stability of using it on the bus/train as it is a 3 wheeler (I don't drive). It's sturdy and very good for walking and can fit into tiny lifts as it is not very long, turns on a pin and is the width of a single.

In the end we decided we'd get different prams for different uses. We bought a second hand twin two with matrix carry cot style car seats for when they are little as it has four wheels, the car seats lie flat and can be used for proper sleeping, it is good for walking and car seats click in and out with one hand but is quite big and heavy when folded so not so good for car, although possible.

We are planning to switch to the powertwin when they get to about 18 months or so as the reviews say twin two does not cope well with heavy children. I know my powertwin has been fantastic with heavy children but this is also good for walking not car and big and heavy when folded (not unmanageable as I used to carry ds up 2 flights of stairs in it twice a day).

We also picked up a really cheap secondhand side by side that folds up small and will go in the car. All in all we have spent £85 on two car seats and two pushchairs so I'm pretty chuffed - twin two went for cheap on ebay as had no pushchair seats only car seats and other car buggy was £10 left advertised outside someone's house as we drove past one day.

I think you're best to try some out and see, as your own height and strength and the model of car you have will make a difference to how easily you can get something in and out of the car. I'm not sure where you'd go though... maybe a big mothercare or a twins group where you could nick everyone's buggies and give them a go?

I would have thought it'd be mega hard to lift car seat and baby after a section though. Perhaps you would be better off with a designated 'car' buggy and leaving the car seats in the car?

mammychildminder Sun 07-Jun-09 22:11:03

i fell in love with the icandy pear first time i saw it (sad i know). when we went to the shop to look at it though the shop assistant talked us out of it (and strangely herself out of a sale) by telling us she wouldnt recommend it because its too heavy to push, especially up and down kerbs, what do you think mel2005?

fififerrari Tue 04-Aug-09 06:04:33

Hallo ladies! Thought I'd chip in with my thoughts - I have TWO sets of twins, so second time around I knew EXACTLY what I needed in a double stroller! We went for the Firstwheels city twin - it's one of the few that has 2 carrycots, which we are using all the time at the moment (our girls are now 2 months old) and when we come to using the seats, this stroller is one of the few that allows the seats to be either rear or forward facing. I LOVE this stroller (we also have a Peg Perego double - very light for travelling - and a Mountainbuggy twin terrain - heavy, but good off-road)

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