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One of my twins having problems -aged 15 months

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jambo1707 Sat 23-Apr-05 20:12:45


I had my twins at 29 weeks, they had a tough start, ventilated for 3 days, jaundice, heart murmurs breathing problems blood transfusions need i say more.

I thought they were doing ok and 2nd twin started to become poorly around january. Just after their 1st birthday twin2 stopped brathing, naturally i freaked out got him to hospital, they observed for the day ( we arrived at hospital 10.30am) at 4.30 docs said " we believe he has pnemonia need xray" eventually at 7pm they said thankfully it wasnt but he did have fluid on his left lung. he got home that night but it has taken even till no for it to clear- it aint totally cleared yet.

Twin1 is a strong lad and twin 2 was again at hospital clinic for check up on tuesday, as at last clinic they told me he was underweight. again they told me he is tall 72cm for his age but even so he is in the bottom 2% for his weight will monitor again in a few months. I am at my wits end, he does eat why not either put him back on premature baby milk or give him build up drinks?

On Tuesday they checked his hips as he is not walking and cant be flat footed(billy elliott eat your heart out, they said there could be a problem with his hips due to prematurity this is why he cant walk or be flat footed, i felt like if i had 1 baby they wouldnt cmpare but as its twins its very hard not too.

So the moral of my story i have to wait again till next clinic appt(july) to review him

HOW STRESSED AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


as long as my boys are ok that is the main thing but is there any need to leave us so stressed this long?

Munchkinola Sat 23-Apr-05 20:22:08

Hi Jambo

I only have one dd who is 15 months. She is on the 9th percentile and her little friend is on the 2nd. No-one is monitoring them. They are both happy little girls. I did have to keep a food diary for a fortnight though which completely stressed me out so i can only begin to imagine how you must be feeling.

Not sure if that helps or not but I guess I was just trying to reduce the number of things you are worrying about.

If he is eating and is happy then you have done a great job

jambo1707 Sat 23-Apr-05 20:30:05

Thanx for the advice. will try the food diary then they will see what he eats

tiffini Sat 23-Apr-05 20:38:27

i have 16 month old twins, had them at 33 weeks pregnant, neither of them are walking yet, but to be honest i am not too worried as they are very stable on thier feet.
Are they going to x ray your Ds hips, one of my twins had a problems with hips, discovered at 6 months, she was put into a hip spica for 3 months, but she is fine now

jambo1707 Sun 24-Apr-05 08:45:33

hi tiffini

no plans as yet for xrays i believe they are waiting until july appt to see how his development is at this point

MarsLady Sun 24-Apr-05 08:53:44

jambo honey, DT1 is still on the 2nd percentile. She eats DT2 grows. What can I tell you? I know lots of babies who don't walk until they are practically 2. My DTs walked early (much to my disgust).

I'm sure that things will turn out fine. They don't seem to be in a rush to check him. I wouldn't worry about build up drinks as I'm sure that he will catch up. DT1 is a tiny tot. DT2 is huge in comparison. I know what you mean about comparing.

happiness Sun 29-May-05 21:54:59

I have twins also and my twin2 isnt as robust as twin one but i have persevered and now as they have just turned two he is still underweight. My daughter is fine but even she is small, i had mine at twenty eight weeks and they were just over two pounds each. they didnt eat proper food until july last year and that is when they really started to thrive. hang in there and it wiklkl turn out okay

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