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Has anyone on here ever had an abdominoplasty/tummytuck?

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BBeau Sat 24-Jan-09 13:17:52

Hi all, some of you may recognise me from previous posts. Wasnt really sure where to post this title but i would imagine it would be more common after multiple births?? Anyway, after having a little boy who is 2 then twin girls 6 months ago its looking like im heading down the surgery route as my muscles are still about 6 or 7 fingers apart, my bowels are sticking through and my c sec overhang is rediculous. Still look very pregnant and suffering lots of pain. Originally they said NHS wouldnt fund op as its considered cosmetic but think now they are considering it as i cant return to work until its done because i have a physical job and i cant really go too long without a support band. Not sure where i will be going though - may have to go to general surgery as the hernia needs repairing - but then i doubt they will do tummytuck there and i need it done because off how bad the skin is its pulling on my scar constantly and making it ache. Anyway, i really would like to speak to someone whos had this done to see what the recovery is like? I can imagine its going to be months. Anyone had this done? x

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 25-Jan-09 07:05:04

Message withdrawn

AbricotsSecs Sun 25-Jan-09 07:47:45

Message withdrawn

bestfriendswithbenefits Sun 25-Jan-09 08:13:55

Hi, no experience, but you might find this website useful

Chuffed Sun 01-Feb-09 18:31:27

I had one at beginning of Nov. I am in NZ and had to do it privately as I didn't have a hernia but had at least 5finger gap and my innards pushed through as soon as I stood up. I looked about 38wks preg.
I also had my boobs reduced a bit at the same time so had a double banger recovery. I had 2.5days in hospital after surgery. Couldn't lift my babies for at least 3wks so get some serious help. I hardly even notice it now but I do notice that I use my abs do get off the couch, move in bed etc it is amazing. I also feel so much better in myself. The scar is quite long and when my togs slip a little on the hips you can see it. They have to remake the belly button and that is a little obvious to me.
I would push for a plastic surgeon to do it if you can as they will make a nice cosmetic job not just stitch back up the abs and close off. I had 15cm of skin taken off. Good luck it might be a bit longer for recovery if you have a physical job.

jennyroper Sun 01-Feb-09 19:25:51

hello chuffed i live in nz too and have twins. Where are you?
(sorry BBeau I don't measn to hijack your conversation)

Chuffed Mon 02-Feb-09 01:46:33

In North Shore, Auckland - triplet girls here 10mths old.

Amandoh Mon 02-Feb-09 02:10:45

Hi BBeau,

I had a tummy tuck over a year ago. I didn't have the hernia problem you have but I did have the "major" version of a tummy tuck.

Due to heart failure when I had my first son I ended up with kidney failure and filled with fluid. Picture the Michelin man wearing yellow (Liver failure too so very jaundiced. I don't do things by halves!) and that was me. I gained and then lost about four stone of fluid in about two weeks. Since then I've gained and then lost weight with subsequent pregnancies and diets. My stomach was a mess!

The surgeon made an anchor shaped cut from past each hip and up the centre to my ribs and removed almost 6lbs of skin. If you look at my profile you can see my after photos. I was told the expected recovery time would be about six weeks but I was fully mobile again within two. The secret is to get moving as quickly as you can and avoid walking about hunched over. You won't be able to stand up stock straight immediately but make the effort each time you are up and about.

I think the thing that I disliked most during the recovery time was having to sleep sitting up but I'd do it all again as I'm so pleased with my stomach now.


lulururu Mon 02-Feb-09 05:02:41

amandoh and chuffed - does your tummy tuck mean that you won't be able to have any more babies as it would "ruin" the work done and render skin stretched and removed unable to stretch again? just wondering as i have 14mth old DTS and a granny tummy. at mo' don't want any more kids but don't want to do myself out of a potential future option.

Chuffed Mon 02-Feb-09 07:57:44

I had my tubes tied with birth of dt's so that makes 5 for me under 5.

I wouldn't have it done if I was thinking I might have any more children personally, it is really nice to be 'fixed and feeling good' and I know that I won't go backwards. I would talk to the surgeon as they may do things differently with the surgery but I would assume they would say wait until you are done.

BBeau Wed 04-Feb-09 20:20:11

Hello, thank you for you posts. Saw the plastic surgeon today and he said i definately need to have it all done, he thought it was quite severe. He said that they would cut along the c sec scar again and go from hip to hip then lift my skin right up and push everything back inside before closing and stitching the muscles and taking excess skin away. He said it should be about 6 week recovery time. He wants me to go back again to discuss risk hmm but then i should have op done within 18 weeks. He said that i will always have certain restrictions on my life which is not great but i guess we will dicsuss that more at next appointment. Im pleased they are going to do it but also worried! Thanks again.

BBeau Wed 04-Feb-09 20:25:11

Amandoh - wow just looked at your pics - thats amazing! I would obviously be very pleased with an outcome like that. I dont recon they will save my belly button (not that its great now as its all black).

Amandoh Wed 04-Feb-09 23:01:26

BBeau ~ It's great news that it can all be done during one operation! I imagine you feel very excited now.

Has the surgeon mentioned your belly button? Have you asked if he'll reconstruct one for you?

Lulururu ~ My surgeon did say that this is an op for someone who doesn't plan on having any more children but if I want more (Have been thinking about it) I'll have more. I don't think one more pregnancy would ever make my stomach as bad as it was.

lulururu Thu 05-Feb-09 05:02:50

thanks chuffed and amandoh - i'm on the waiting list for an assessment appt in the next 3 months so is good to know a bit in advance. thanks

lulururu Thu 05-Feb-09 05:03:30

and amandoh - yes wow! at your pics.

BBeau Fri 06-Feb-09 19:17:59

Amandoh, yes he did say that he would try to reconstruct my belly button (he said something about it depending on whether it was still attached or not). To be honest though it is so bad now - all black and disfigured that i doubt he could make it any worse. Ive got go back again for another appointment to discuss it more and the risks etc. I am really excited about having it done but also nervous about something going wrong. We dont have a lot of help so my hubby will be off with the children so we just cant afford for anything to go wrong. I hope i get it done quick though, im on the waiting list but the secretary doesnt think it will be done anytime soon! Cant complain really though as at least im on the list.

accordiongirl Sun 08-Feb-09 22:14:49

I looked into this and was told that the problem wasn't just about the divided muscles, more to do with the stretched-ness of the muscles. he said it's postural, as well as in the structure of the tummy. since then I've increased the pilates class to three times a week, which is improving everything else - bum and sides now shaping up as a result. tummy still sagging out as it's almost impossible to shorten muscles by exercise, unless you do it really wrong. gearing up soon to going back to see him again to talk about doing the op, now the rest of it's improved. But basically, my point is that all a tummy tuck can do is bring back together the divided muscles and pull in the excess skin - which is a good start. But it can't shorten the long vertical muscles which have stretched, so there'll still be a bulge IYSWIM.

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