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Which buggy would you recommend for 14 month old twins?

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Rollmops Mon 19-Jan-09 11:33:51

We have a Mamas and Papas Twin Aria that has served the boys well, but - it's has had it's day, getting quite tatty and also, it seems that the young Gents need a tad more room in their little chariot. The problem is, we live in a little old village where the pavements are extra narrow and I can just get through with my Twin Aria (that was one of the narrowest on the market).
Could anyone possibly recommend a buggy that is narrow, side by side (the terrain is rather 'hilly' and roads are quite rough, so need the stability that a side by side buggy offers) but has decent size seats? I could be asking for the moon, I know....
Thank you in advance for any advice!

Rollmops Mon 19-Jan-09 11:35:20

It has had it's day I meant..... dooooh.....

HoorahHilda Mon 19-Jan-09 20:35:04

Hi there
I started with a Bertini pram then moved to the Nipper Instep which was lovely for a year or so but my boys were getting big so have now opted for the Mothercare Double Urban Detour which ,so far has been really good.

It is light , you can open with one hand ( though you do need space in boot ). My boys love it and sleep really well in it .They are upright and have a bumper bar .

The Mountain Buggy Double is supposed to be good also though quite pricey. It might also be an idea to look at the Mumsnet product pushchair review pages.

I picked up my Double Detour second hand from a mumsnetter for a great price .

Good Luck !

HoorahHilda Mon 19-Jan-09 20:36:57

Meant to say boys are 18 months old.

The Urban Detour is a three wheeler with option for fixed wheel or movable wheel .

HoorahHilda Mon 19-Jan-09 20:39:09

Am rambling now but seems only a little wider than the Instep Nipper ( Which may be the narrowest on market )

SazzlesA Mon 19-Jan-09 20:40:41

Message withdrawn

tassisssss Mon 19-Jan-09 20:43:30

Do consider the nipper. I have one for my 2 (2.4 and 7 months) and my friend with 2.5 year old twins loves her.

oooggs Mon 19-Jan-09 20:58:00

love my double nipper, had it from birth and my dts are now 21 mths

Rollmops Tue 20-Jan-09 08:16:15

Thank you all for your suggestions, much appreciated! Will start hunt on eBay, hopefully will find one in a good condition but with a slightly less painful price.....

ChopsTheDuck Tue 20-Jan-09 08:17:34

I had a single urban detor and loved it, but the nipper is probably lighter, and I lvoed that with my dts.

SazzlesA Tue 20-Jan-09 08:19:41

Message withdrawn

lulururu Wed 21-Jan-09 05:03:07

i have a mountain buggy and its great but they have just gone under business wise but i'm sure there will be second hand ones available for some time yet.

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