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ellac Thu 15-Jan-09 07:32:42

Hi. can anyone reccommend 2 cot beds for my twins? or does anyone have 2 to sell near to the grantham area? thanks

TeaSleepFood Thu 15-Jan-09 08:20:18

I have the Mamas and papas Savanna ones. They both fitted in the same one up until they were 6 months old. Although the sides don't drop down, the base has 3 height settings and it then converts into the junior bed.
Hope that helps.
Oh and you often see them on ebay!

1stMrsF Thu 15-Jan-09 17:29:39

I've just bought cot beds from Mamas & Papas. They were definitely more expensive than ones we saw in e.g. Babies R Us/Mothercare etc, but also much better quality and looked as though they would last. They also have a good sale on a lot of their stuff at the moment.

accordiongirl Tue 20-Jan-09 22:24:49

ikea - why pay more?

shellx06 Mon 20-Jul-09 13:47:43

hi people i just had a lovly set of twin girl in aug and i have searched the web high and low for a twin cot bed i eventually got threr in the end and it a nice decent ywin cot bed if any one would like yo have a look at it then the web site for it is at hope it is some help for the people who would like a twin cot thank you reading my comment
michelle, aberdeen

accessorizequeen Tue 21-Jul-09 22:40:19

You could try preloved or TAMBA, might well be some in your area.

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