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Help - my twins won't sleep during the day!

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ConfusedBiscuit Fri 02-Jan-09 18:57:39

My 5 month old boys just won't nap. They're fine at night - one sleeps through 12 hours and the other generally wakes once- but they're really bad at sleeping during the day and often only have 30 mins each if we're lucky

I think partly the reason is that they're not good at settling themselves to sleep if they're put down awake. They're breastfed so at bedtime I feed them until they come off, by which time they're usually asleep so they generally go down without much trouble. I used to rock them to sleep in their rocker chairs during the day but this doesn't work so well now they're bigger and I really feel they ought to learn to nap in their cots as they'll get too big for the rocker chairs eventually. I try to watch for their tired signs but when I put them in their cots during the day they just scream or lie there wide awake chewing their blankets!

Am getting a bit desperate as I have no time to do anything during the day at the moment! Any ideas?

thesundaymarket Fri 02-Jan-09 19:30:43

When my DD was 5/12 we were unable to get her to nap in the day, I decided in the end that its a choice between babies who nap well in the day but often wake in the night- hence you are too knackered to get anything done but nap with them in the day- or what you have, long nights sleep but no naps. I dont think I ever got anything done, and there was only one of her. Everything became easier and more regular once she was walking though, she seemed to be more tired so slept and napped better.

Im ashamed to say it, but, erm, DVD's blush for when you absolutely have to get the dinner on? Or take them out in their buggy, at least you could maybe make phonecalls while they dont cry?

Im about to get one of my twins home tomorrow- theyve been on SCBU for 10 weeks. I guess the reality of trying to get anything done with twins will hit me when I finally get them both home!

fgwavesJackieParsonspants Fri 02-Jan-09 23:56:48

Have you tried to adjust their sleep cycle so they have just one nap in the day. You'd have to work hard at keeping them awake and then settling them after lunch. It might take a week or two to persevere before it kicks in.

FWIW, I found lots of answers on sleep from Dr Richard Ferber's book. I'll try to link it.

I couldn't always get my DTs to nap together and its the worst thing. Have you tried napping with them? Or do you want to avoid developing a habit that you can't break?

fgwavesJackieParsonspants Fri 02-Jan-09 23:57:53

sleep book

kathryn2804 Sun 04-Jan-09 18:53:28

It's the age I'm afraid!! Once they start moving around they'll start to sleep loads more! I know it's hard but you might have to be a bit patient.

You could try putting them in their cots to play. Get into a little routine of putting them in every morning. You may be lucky and they might drop off! I used to leave mine in the living room for short periods ie 5 mins, keep checking on them but they should be ok for short times.

Get everyone who asks you if they can do anything to help to do all the things you're struggling with. i used to do the bare minimum, ie washing and washing up! In fact I still do th bare minimum 3 1/2 years on wink

tw1ns Mon 08-Apr-13 21:10:07

Help Im similar..though my issue is actually getting them to nap together during the the moment when one wakes the other falls asleep and vice versa...even in the pushchair..Im sure my son thinks he never leaves he house..he is always asleep in the chair, but my daughter is awake all of the I being completely uinrealistic re 'together' naps during the day?!

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