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mum2twins Sat 15-Mar-03 20:28:46

I am thinking about starting toilet training my twins, boy & girl aged 23 months. Do I do them together or one at a time????? Anybody got any success stories with twins. Any help would be much appreciated.

twogirls Sun 16-Mar-03 11:02:58

I did them both together as it seemed silly to have the potty around and be reminding one and not the other. Having said that they are identical so they were at the same stage of development. In some ways doing two at once can be easier as they can watch and learn from eachother - you can praise the efforts of one and it can spur the other on. We used a star chart and treats for successful attempts.But you'll need loads of potties, loads of wipes (for the carpet), loads of knickers and loads of patience.

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