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am worried please help me have just had 34 wk scan

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jennyroper Wed 05-Nov-08 23:03:56

i have just had a scan and 2 things have come up which have made me mervous.
I have id twin girls in my tummy. One of them has suddenly got a very swollen tummy, miles bigger than the other one. I am worried about TTTS although there was a good amount of fluid swilling around either side of the membrane. The radiographer said she couldn't accurately hear the rate of blood flow in the left twin's cord either to ascertain whether it was normal.
Also they are really tiny - one is in the 3rd percentile and the other in the 7th. Can anyone shed any light on this? have you been in a simuilar situation? i know twins can be small but i'm worried that they are so, so tiny.
I have been told to wait for my midwife to call me to discuss it.

AuraofDora Wed 05-Nov-08 23:08:56

sorry i cant help, just dont want this to go unread
am sure someone knowledgeable will be here soon
good luck

Tortington Wed 05-Nov-08 23:24:25

bumping for you

AbricotsSecs Wed 05-Nov-08 23:31:08

Message withdrawn

anjlix Wed 05-Nov-08 23:52:58

All I can do is wish you good luck. And if it is any consolation, twins born at 34 weeks do fab according to stories I have read.

kristatwin Thu 06-Nov-08 09:02:24

Try not to worry, if anything was serious they would of kept you in hospital, twins do great at 34 weeks, my friend had them at 33 weeks and they are 8 months old now, and doing great !!

teasleepfood Thu 06-Nov-08 09:41:49

I don't have any advice I'm afraid bu you are doing great. It's true that if they were concerned at the hospital they wouldn't have let you go. If you're not happy with the midwife's explanation, ask to see the doctors/ consultant. It is your right. If you get stressed and unhappy, then the babies will feel it. I say this as I had a really woolly midwife and got much more sense from the docs.
Good luck!

Tortington Thu 06-Nov-08 09:50:41

bumping for you

freshprincess Thu 06-Nov-08 10:12:33

Hi there
I had similar sitution with the heart rate flow at 33 weeks (mine are not ID so no concerns at TTTS).

I had 2 radiographers over the course of 2 hours and neither where satisfied. They put me on a heart rate monitor and that was fine. I had another scan and the consultant was concerned that they both appeared to be under 4lb (sorry can't remember anything about percentiles anymore!) I was kept in for a week and had the heart rate monitored on a 4 hourly basis.

A week later I was scanned again and the consultant measured both at 4lb so booked me in for a C section the next day. Both were a tiny bit heavier than 4lb but otherwise healthy. They are 5 now and one of them is the same size as his 7 year old cousin!

Would echo the advise about try not to worry, if it was serious they wouldn't have let you leave the hospital. But push the midwife harder! I wouldn't wait for them to call me I'd be straight on the phone pronto.

plj Thu 06-Nov-08 10:46:30

Sorry that I don't have any real advice, but I had my DT's at 33 weeks and they were fine. In special care for only 2 weeks before coming home. They were so tiny, but so strong. Both were under 4lbs.
Try to stay psitive and trust that you wouldn't be home if there was any real concerns, but do push for answers. I did so all the way through my pregnancy.

AbricotsSecs Thu 06-Nov-08 12:31:47

Message withdrawn

glamourbadger Thu 06-Nov-08 12:34:56

Hi Jenny

I was in a similar situation with my twins - one was considerable smaller and was diagnosed with IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction). Have they offered you a doppler scan? It shows the blood flow to the babies. I would get in touch with your consultant and suggest this. In my case it showed that my small twin wasn't receiving enough blood through the cord to grow at a normal rate and had to be delivered early.

On the upside at 34wks the odds are with you, regardless of the condition. Mine were delivered at 30 weeks and after a bit of a wobbly start they got on fine. One is considerably smaller than the other and tootles along just below the 0 centile. She is a bright, happy little button with a huge personality so no longer a worry!

If you are worried then make a big fuss - phone your consultant, demand an appointment and turn up in person if you have to. No-one paid any attention to me until I started getting bossy!

Nellstar Thu 06-Nov-08 15:46:32

Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to agree with others really - a. at 34 weeks they are nearly home and dry and have excellent chances and b. make a fuss, fuss fuss. There is no point in all this modern technology and expertise if it's not used, so use it for all it's worth. Demand experts' opinion etc. I'm 25 weeks pregnant with ID MCDA twin boys so have huge sympathy, Good luck and try to relax.

jennyroper Thu 06-Nov-08 18:59:47

thank you all for yor kind messages. My midwife called me back and had spoken to the specialist at hosp who recommended I go up and see them. They measured heart rates (both fine) and said that i should come in every 3 days to have them monitored and have them scanned every week to check blood flow to babies, growth and all that sort of thing. They also said if there was a problem which developed over the coming days they felt they were perfectly old enough to come out. All good news

frumpygrumpy Thu 06-Nov-08 20:25:51

jenny, I hope all is well. You are on the home straight, every day in is a bonus but really, anytime now is good. Keep us posted........and sending love your way x.

jennyroper Tue 11-Nov-08 06:00:33

have just been in to see the specialist in hospital and am booked in for an induction on Thursday. Both twins have restricted blood flow through their cords and one twin is seriously tiny. Am so excited I'm going to meet them! They gave me a sweep today as well so may even go into labour tonight (I'm in NZ so it's Tues evening here already).
I'll be 36 weeks +1 so they are old enough, as I have gathered from the many missives on this website.
Looking forward to updating you after the birth.

PollyLogos Tue 11-Nov-08 07:46:08

good luck I hope everything goes really well! smile

Egg Tue 11-Nov-08 13:56:57

Wow good luck. What weights are they estimated at? (I know you said one is tiny). Hope it all goes well and your little girls are here with you soon.

Egg Tue 11-Nov-08 13:57:31

BTW my DD (one of DTs) has never been above 2nd centile I dont think (although maybe when she was first born) but she is fine smile.

frumpygrumpy Tue 11-Nov-08 18:23:58


Good luck my love! I am wishing you lots of love from Scotland. I won't expect to hear from you anytime soon..........but I will be desperately watching this thread xxxxxx.

Egg Tue 11-Nov-08 18:30:41

Hey FG <<<waves>>> is it you who loves Anthony Wiggle?

frumpygrumpy Tue 11-Nov-08 20:51:49

Hi Egg, lovely to see you. I DO! grin And he (and Cpt Featherwword)was extremely kind to my DTs when we saw them at the theatre. Why?

kathryn2804 Tue 11-Nov-08 23:28:18

Good luck, hope all goes well!

Egg Wed 12-Nov-08 07:23:26

FG <<<sorry for hijack Jenny, thinking of you TODAY if those little girls are not out already!>>> my DS1 has become obsessed with the Wiggles and every time I see Anthony I remember you saying he read out the note from your DTs and I swoon a little bit blush.

Is Capt Feathersword his brother?

frumpygrumpy Wed 12-Nov-08 10:37:58

<<shameless hijack>> grin

I don't think they are brothers........but that would be another fantasy ticked off grin I'M KIDDING I'M KIDDING!!!!! grin He just has this great twinkle in his eyes <<swoon>> He did read their letters and pictures and I will be forever thrilled at that! What a lovely guy. I believe he is a daddy a few times over and suffers depression so he is even more my hero.

Right Jenny, sending love your way xxxx <<fg stands with towels and hot water and jaffa cakes>>

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